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Somatosome HGH By Maximum Nutrients

I was researching the subject of HGH and was amazed to see the list of products that did not contain any of the real substance. I found one supplier - Somatosome - manufactured by Maximum Nutrients, who claimed that their supplement contained 380 nanograms per daily dose, which they offered at a price of $32. It contained no amino acids. After reading your web page I concluded that something is clearly amiss here.

Perhaps you should add this company to your list.

I am a novice on the subject and would like a definitive answer(s) to what I consider to be the most important question - Which is better, a product that actually contains the real substance, or a supplement that stimulates the production by tickling the pituitary gland. Or should I try a combination of both.

You seem like a honest guy, so I would appreciate your opinion before I buy anyone's product.

Looking forward to an answer.

Parks, AZ

Read our page at http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/growth-hormone-comments-amounts.htm.  It should help you understand better.  Any company expressing it's human growth hormone content in "nanograms" is violating the law and the FDA will shut them down. There seems to be quite a few listed at Yahoo and almost none at Google so Yahoo has some catching up to do. As time goes on you will see fewer and fewer companies doing this. They don't last very long.

Also read http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/growth-hormone-comments-bloodtest.htm.  It will help you understand that it's not the stimulation of the pituitary gland that's the essential factor.  It's the stimulation of the liver to produce IGF-1 that's the essential factor.  So capsule "releasers" goose the pituitary, oral sprays goose the liver.  The liver reacts to the oral spray as if it had an abundance of human growth hormone which triggers it to produce IGF-1, which is the substance that makes you invigorated. If you do some research on "homeopathy" you'll understand better.

Hope this helps. We appreciate your business!

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