Source Of HGH Human Growth Hormone

where to buy HGH human growth hormoneHi,

I’ve been researching HGH Human Growth Hormone for over five years. I’m convinced that it works.  I think Dick Clark chugs it by the six pack. Problem is that I have never satisfied myself that it can be properly delivered other than by injections, which I cannot afford. So I need to know where to buy HGH human growth hormone.

I understand , well, am familiar with homeopathy. I have used such products for flu, cold and poison ivy-  they work. I do not comprehend how homeopathic dilutions can apply to human growth hormone. It seems that it should be looked as as a supplement and taken in a certain dosage of mg or mcg, not a 30x or whatever dilution. It’s not being used to stimulate the body’s defense system to build antibodies.

I’m not raising this issue to argue but to learn. I would like to start taking it. I recognized sometime ago that a number of products are hype-  they reference precursors but make all the claims as if the supplement were the real substance. So I would appreciate your reply to my comments.

Also, I would like to know the source of HGH, the actual substance so I will know where to buy HGH human growth hormone.

Thanks and regards,

Sierra Vista, AZ

All sources of the pharmaceutical substance today, whether it’s for injections or for homeopathic oral spray, is synthetically produced in the lab by pharmaceutical companies. Before the actual molecule was duplicated in the lab it came from cadavers. It’s been over 20 years since that’s been permitted.

Some companies describe the amount in their product in nanograms. The FDA will not allow us to do that and insist that we describe our oral spray in dilution rates (30X). According to the FDA if you describe your supplement in nanograms and sell it over the counter without a prescription you are breaking the law. Although some companies still do this we know of many companies that the FDA has closed down.

Our homeopathic oral spray gets the body to produce IGF-1 in the liver, an action that’s usually triggered by additional human growth hormone in the system. Most people get 60%-80% of the same results using our oral spray as they would with the injections. 2% of the population don’t respond to our product at all, and we don’t know why. We are pretty confident our product will help you invigorate your life in many ways.

Thanks for your interest. We appreciate your business!

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