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How Our HGH Product Is Superior

Is your HGH oral spray a superior supplement?  If so, why?  Also, how can your formula even work if it doesn't have Somatotropin in it?

Appreciate your response,

Port Charlotte, FL

Yes ours is better for many reasons but foremost is because our lab is FDA inspected. If theirs was  they couldn't get away with not listing how much Deer Antler is in their supplement. The FDA is very meticulous about labeling. They also have unannounced inspections that are a real pain. We go through the real process and they make you think that they do when they don't.

Although their supplement is "registered with the FDA" their  lab does not undergo the rigorous inspections ours does annually. It looks  like their supplement will work pretty good anyway although it's hard to say not  knowing how much deer antler is in there.

"Human Growth Hormone 30X" as listed in our oral spray is the identical ingredient as "Somatotropin 30X" as listed in theirs. So ours does contain Somatotropin.

Their supplement contains Anterior Pituitarum as does  ours. Theirs does contain Arnica Montana and Thuja Occidentalis which ours doesn't. We don't quite know what value, if any, those ingredients have. Although it's their opinion that liver extract is unnecessary, ours is that it is necessary to support the liver and so we include it in our oral spray.

Our 3 bottle special is $2 cheaper, we ship FREE  (saving you another $7) and since we ship via USPS Priority Mail  you'll have your order in 2-3 days instead of 5-7 days. Don't be fooled  by the "10% savings autoship program. "

You'll end up paying for a lot of what  you don't use or don't want. But if that's what you want we can  easily offer you a "15% savings autoship program. "

If you have  any other questions feel free to ask. We appreciate your business!

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