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Detailed Ingredients and Brushing Teeth


I find your website informative but there are no detailed information on the ingredients of your product.

E.g. what animal source is the liver extract from and how is the human growth hormone derived?  How do you ascertain that these are disease free?

Also, how many days guarantee do you provide. It's confusing because on the order page, it' s stated 6 months while I saw on another page, it was stated 30 days. If it's only 30 days, it may be too short.


Gilbertsville, KY

The liver is bovine. The amount of liver used in a homeopathic remedy is so small and conforming to FDA regulations is so extensive that it's almost impossible for disease to be transmitted.

All human growth hormone on the market today is the same, synthetically produced (producing the 191-chain HGH molecule exactly in the lab), whether it comes in injectible form or spray form.

We never check purchase dates for refunds. If you aren't happy you get your money back. We only ask that you send all bottles back (believe it or not we busted a group of people who were purchasing the product, reselling it without using it, and then demanding their money back!). The written refund policy is 6 months as stated on the order page. If you can send us the URL where it says something different we will change it to be consistent.

Thanks for your inquiry. You're gonna love this product! 

1. Is it best to brush your teeth before or after spraying HGH under the tongue if you don't have 30 minutes to wait?

Brush first, then spray.

2. Ok to drink water before and/or after HGH spray?


Thank you for shipping it to me so quickly!  Great service! 

Lander, WY


I am impressed with your website and the You Tube advert with the lady talking. Before I part with any money, I would like to ask a question or two:

Will this HGH spray give me a MAN'S VOICE? I mean, people are not sure WHO I am when I am on the phone to them. Or even when I talk to people, my voice is a little big on the high side.

It was always like this - even when I was a teenager. I'm a 64-year-old man today and still sound "funny" on or off the phone. People do assume I am "one of those", not that I gave a fig what they think, or say, about me. I am not looking for hairs on my chest - I've got about ten of those! - and I don't, at my age, harbour ambitions of being the next Charles Atlas. I would like to improve my own opinions of myself, especially when I hear myself talk on a recording. Oh, God, I sound horrible although others say I sound just fine. I take their word for it. But I would still love to have a low and strong voice. I used to work as a shorthand and typist for years - that's the kinda guy I was. Ask a youngster today what a Shorthand Typist is/was and they wouldn't have a CLUE what you were talkiing about!!

But at least I was happy at my job. Thanks very much for reading this far and for giving me time and I would really love to hear from you. But I would appreciate an HONEST reply. You will reply - won't you? - when you get the time.

And, as I live here in SOUTHERN Ireland, can I order from you? I can pay by Visacard. How much extra would I have to pay for airmail costs from Florida to Ireland?



P.S: The reason I picked YOU out of the loads of other HGH advertisers is because most of them seem to be a bunch of mickie mouses. They promise you the sun and the moon and the stars and, usually, those people provide you with nothing but a waste of money.

$35 flat fee for International Express Mail.

Everyone responds to the product differently so its hard to know how exactly it will effect you. Everyone, though, buys the product for one specific reason and whether it helps them in that specific area or not the response is always that it helped them in many other ways they hadn't anticipated. so we expect that will happen for you as well.

We realize that we are avoiding your question, but we sincerely don't know how it will affect your voice. Our product is not a drug and is not a steroid so it's very gentle on the system. Think of it more as an excellent general tonic, everything will seem 10%-20% better. Hope this helps.

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