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Unsolicited Testimonial Regarding Side Effects of HGH

After I started taking HGH I noticed I would get much more tired than normal at the end of the day. And like your site says, lots more dreams occurred and at times for me some deeper sleep. But more important to me, what I found was that I started being able to do things physically on the drums that I just never could quite do before (and I was trying hard) - playing much faster with consistency and power. I started thinking it was just a coincidence, that my years of practicing were finally paying off, so I dropped off it.

This morning convinced me otherwise, because I really lost it - I was almost back to where I was before I started taking the stuff.

Sucks getting old. I'll hang on to a little more youth for awhile with this stuff.

Feel free to post my comments if you like. Thanks.

Bakersfield, CA

Good Afternoon,

I am interested in purchasing your HGH and would like to know if you ship to South Africa?  If so, does the fee of  $35 apply for shipping. Also, would you require a physical address or will a Post Office Box address do?  How long would it take to reach me in South Africa?

Do you have an HGH distributor in South Africa?

I look forward to your reply!

Capetown, South Africa


PO Box is OK.  

It usually takes 5-10 days for international express but we can never tell because of Customs in your country.

We do not have an HGH distributor in South Africa.

We appreciate your business!

1. Are their any negatives to taking Human Growth Hormone like insomnia or allergic reactions?

2. Are there any unwanted interactions with anti-depressant type medications?

3. Would HGH help in suspending or slowing of graying hair?


Vernon, AL

1. We know of no side effects of human growth hormone. No allergic reactions. It should be easier to get to sleep but you will wake up earlier (30-60 min).

2. None.

3. About 30% of my graying sideburns went back to black. It definitely helped in the slowing of my gray hair.

We appreciate your business!

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