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Growth Hormone Sales In UK and Europe continued

Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions it is much appreciated. 

The lower dollar value will help the customs duty charges, thank you but charges were also applied due to the fact that HM Customs are involved, i.e. clearance fee of £13.50,  and VAT.  Maybe it was just unfortunate that my shipment was inspected. I have purchased nutritional products from the states a number of times without incurring additional costs. Could your shipping route or method be altered? Shipments from the states to UK and Europe is not currently an area of my expertise but I am learning, fast.

I am concerned about this of course not only because of the cost to me but also to anyone else I recommend your HGH product to and should I become an agent for it, especially. I need to be able to calculate exactly how much the costs will be.

Would you please tell me more regarding your operation of HGH agents in the states, i.e. method, rates of commission software packages etc. if relevant or how you feel it might be possible to represent you or sell your product in Europe.

For example a possibility could be for you to create a modified HGH web site for Europe where I could receive orders either directly or indirectly and then despatch from within the EU, avoiding customs, etc. You could ship in bulk, directly to me and from payments I receive, I would deduct postage and commission. Or I could set up my own company and modify your web site, with your consent and approval of course, and purchase bulk product from you at a suitably profitable rate. However, my funds are limited right now but I am prepared to work very hard and explore every option.

A larger quantity discount price list would also be appreciated and informative.

I have been asked further questions, by a potentially very influential friend that could crop up again and again in Europe about the origin of the HGH ingredients. Is the Liver extract 3X and Pituitarum directly obtained from human or animal? If so please tell me which and how. What information do you have regarding all three principal ingredients about screening for diseases such as BSC, etc. Or are they artificially grown? from 'pure' sources in a laboratory.

I eagerly await your comments.

Very best wishes and many thanks for your time.


We do not have "affiliates" where you can get a ready made human growth hormone website and receive commissions.  We have the finest human growth hormone oral spray at the cheapest price because we keep it simple and avoid complexity.  Some dealers here in the states purchase a dozens bottles at a time off the internet and continue to repurchase as they sell.  Some bigger dealers purchase 4 gross, 576 units, and I assist them in putting their own company labels on the product.  In both cases the dealers put their own price on the product which ranges from $59 to $89 bottles.  I willing to help you in any way to get your human growth hormone business going as long as it doesn't get too complex.  You can use materials on our website but I can't help you in creating or marketing it.  You should also look into other ways to market the human growth hormone oral spray other than the internet.  You will have to investigate the best way to bring large quantities into your country.  I think it's a great idea for you to physically have the product and ship from the UK.  We cannot ship into any of the Scandinavian countries, but maybe you can.  France and Germany are very good prospects as are Spain, Italy, and Portugal. 

The liver is bovine and the pituitarum is porcine.  The HGH is synthetically produced in the lab.  Our lab is one of the few that is FDA inspected.

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