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Growth Hormone Sales In UK and Europe

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, may I thank you for producing what seems to be a great product. I have been taking it now for over a month and am starting to feel much better. I have been suffering from much trauma, exhaustion and depression over the last five years and although I was feeling progressively better, HGH from you is rapidly accelerating my recovery and sense of well being. (I have tried one other, T10 which did not seem to have much affect.)

I have a number of questions and would be most grateful if you will take the time to answer  please.

1) Does regular consumption of alcohol diminish the effect of HGH?

2) I have many friends in the UK and Europe who I will introduce to this product when I have completed the first three month supply but I was charged the incredible amount of  £37.50 which is over 60 dollars by Uk customs in order to receive delivery. Which would stop many from ordering. Do you know of any other way of dispatching your oral spray to the Uk that would avoid these charges? Particularly as the charges were based on value rather than weight.

3) Also I am currently working part-time and really need to earn more money but I am not yet sufficiently recovered to go out and work more and are therefore looking for ways to work from home initially. So I wonder whether you have agents over here. I can see this oral spray doing very well on this continent. I have had my own businesses in the past and am very interested in the possibility of marketing and selling your product, if that is possible.

Thank you for your time and a great product.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

London, England

<<Does regular consumption of alcohol diminish the effect of HGH?>>

Studies on this have not been done but regular consumption of alcohol is not generally good for anything nutritional.

<<So I wonder whether you have agents in the UK and or Europe.>>

We have no agents on your continent although we regularly send packages to the UK.  I believe where you live would be an excellent market for this oral spray.

conversation continues

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