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HGH And Under Age Use of Human Growth Hormone

Dear Customer Service,

We take the 21st century oral spray everyday. I had heard that you should use it for a month and then take 14 days off. . .then back on for a month etc. Is this correct or do you recommend something else?

Sarnia, Ontario Canada

You need to do this only if you take a product that does not contain any human growth hormone. Since our oral spray contains human growth hormone you don't have to worry about "cycling. "  Take it everyday. We appreciate your business!

Very Interesting!

People have noticed that my hair has stopped graying (I'm 58). . .going back to brown. I'm feeling great and my wife's middle stays thinner when she uses the human growth hormone (she's 67). . .just ordered the IGF-1.

Sarnia, Ontario Canada

Hello 21st Century Designer Health Products!

My boyfriend purchased a supply of your product. He has given me a bottle and says that I should use it because of all the benefits. However, on your website you say that someone under the age of 21 should not use this oral spray. I am wondering why that is, is it because it has alcohol? Or is it because it is bad for me. I am 19 years old. If you could please give me a detailed response I would appreciate that.

Cardington, OH

The FDA requires that we put that warning on our label, probably because they don't want kids thinking they can use the oral spray to help them grow.

All homeopathic remedies, no matter what the preparation is for, are extremely safe. We appreciate your business!

I have some human growth hormone left and I have HGH+IGF-1 that I just received. Can I take both or do I need to finish the original formula before starting the advanced product?

La Habra, CA

Do 2 sprays, 3 times per day. If you want to mix and match, that's OK. Any more than 3 times per day you are wasting the oral spray. It will run right through you. We appreciate your business! Good Luck!


First I'd like to thank you for shipping out my order so quickly.

Secondly, what is the main difference between the regular hgh product and the advanced hgh version, in what ways exactly would I benefit?

Thirdly, I'm curious about buying another product but I'm not sure about the differences between the two. I currently take multi-vitamins (which I believe work quite well) and my understanding is that your Moringa product is similar to multi-vitamins but more potent. If I do not have any symptoms of any of the diseases your Aloe product effectively addresses, is there any reason for me to choose the Aloe product over the Moringa (& eventually replacing my current multi-vitamins) product or do they work on entirely different areas of the health spectrum?


Roanoke, TX

If you don't have any symptoms treated by the use of aloe vera then moringa is the far superior choice. You'll feel the moringa in your system, in terms of energy and mental clarity, even if you have no health issues and you might stop taking other nutritional products because you are duplicating the results. You won't feel any different on the aloe vera unless you care trying to cure some malady.

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