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I have been using 21st Century HGH since August and know that you should not eat or drink within 30 minutes before or after. How strict does one have to adhere to that? I often sip some coffee either before or after using it and on occasion have eaten around the 20 minute time frame. Does that matter and if so, how much does it matter and why?


Brown Deer, WI

The most important time to use it is right before going to sleep. Leave the bottle on your nightstand. Use it as soon as you wake up, then at any point during the day. After being on the growth hormone product for over 3 months, which you have been, and the human growth hormone is fully in your system, using it twice a day is probably all you need to remain saturated. The fact that you sip coffee before or after using it probably has very little meaning to this saturation. It gets into your system within a minute or two. You want to trigger your liver to produce IGF-1 which it will do within 10-15 minutes. Whatever you take into your stomach within that time distracts your liver from that production. To be safe with new users we recommend 30 minutes. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the business!

Thanks for the quick response!

Next question: if we were to switch to the Advanced Formula could we start with 2 sprays from the get go or would we have to wait until after 3 months of 3 times a day of that?


Brown Deer, WI

10-14 days on the Advanced formula 3 times per day should do it.

Good Morning.

I would like to ask what the HGH liquid under the tongue tastes like? With liver being an ingredient, it's hard to imagine a good taste! Does drinking something right after using it lessen the absorption? If you can help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Oktaha, OK

There's no taste to our growth hormone product. Maybe slightly alcohol, certainly not liver. No one complains about the taste. You shouldn't eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking the product. Most people leave the bottle on their nightstand and take two sprays before going to bed, two sprays when they wake up, and two sprays at any point during the day.

Thanks for your inquiry.

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