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I'm online looking at different places and sources for HGH and am completely utterly baffled as to which companies are above board.  Each site says the other competition is a fraud.  Your packaging doesn't look fancy nor does your site and the others look real professional and slick. 

Is your product from your company recommended by doctors? Because one other site said it was most often recommended by doctors. Where does your growth hormone come from? Does it come from cadavers, animals, or from a lab?  What is deer antler? Can you offer any advice on how someone could know that your company over all the literally thousands of others is perfectly legal and not a scam?

Thank you, 

Chesapeake, VA

1.  Doctors won't recommend our product because they believe in injections only (companies that claim their product is recommended by doctors will likely say ANYTHING to get you to buy their product!).  Injections are the best way to get HGH into your system.  Injections are the most costly way to get HGH into your system.  Do you want to stick yourself with needles?  No doctor will give a money back guarantee on their injections.

2.  All human growth hormone, injectable and homeopathic, comes from the lab, synthetically produced.  human growth hormone from cadavers was made illegal over 20 years ago.  If it came from animals it would be animal growth hormone and not human growth hormone.

3.  HGH gets your liver to produce IGF-1 which is what gives you the youthful benefits.  Our Advanced Formula contains Deer Antler which closely mimics IGF-1.  So not only do you get the HGH into your system but also IGF-1 so that your body is not dependent on producing it in the liver.  About 90% of our regular users buy the Advanced Formula.  10% go back to the Regular Formula because they feel no appreciable difference.  If cost is not an issue you should buy the Advanced Formula.  If it is, the Regular Formula works just fine.

4.  There are over 300 companies selling various forms of "HGH" of which we believe there are only 30 that are legit.  The consumer has a 90% chance of landing on a bogus company.  We understand your confusion about who is and who is not a good vendor or bad vendor.  We encourage people to do their own research.  Ultimately they realize that it all boils down to shots, pills, sprays.  Pick one that's right for you and try it.  Either it works for you or not.  Those who pick the shots can afford it and know that they can't do any better.  Those who pick the capsules (containing absolutely none of the real substance) do well for only six weeks and they lose it all.  Those who pick the spray get results for as long as they choose to use it.  Everyone has various levels of success and that's why we have such a liberal return policy.  If your choice is to use the spray you will find that all homeopathic sprays are the same.  There is only one recipe that the human body responds to.  You can't have a more potent dosage.  Less of it doesn't work better and more of it doesn't work better.  Of the legit homeopathic spray companies you should choose a vendor that offers a money back guarantee, a good price, quick shipping, and someone who responds to emails.  Those are good indications of a legit company. We provide all that!

Thanks for the inquiry about who is legit and Good Luck!

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