Human Growth Hormone And HGH Weight Loss

HGH Weight LossThank you for your prompt reply!

OK, please continue with the order. I’m willing to lose the US$35 (shipping) if Customs grabs the items. I’m happy with the fact you’ll refund the US$167.90 if this occurs. On that note, if it is taken away from Customs, then I’ll look at the New Zealand alternative as plan B! Thanks again and looking forward to hopefully using your oral spray.

P. S. Question, why does our Government/Customs not want a natural human growth hormone in our country, especially when the New Zealand government are happy with the product (New Zealand are like our cousins)?! I mean, I’m currently taking an Australian product (homeopathic formula), it’s natural like your oral spray, why the difference and the problem with importing your human growth hormone?!

I’d like to some day import and distribute your oral spray as soon as Australia allows it.

Another question, the human growth hormone homeopathic formula I’m taking is “Homeopathic Recombinant HGH”. Does this mean that I’m not taking real human growth hormone? Also, it says it contains 7x or 8mg (24IU). Is this too potent for the body? Is it the lower the number the more powerful the product? Is the 30x your product contains going to be powerful enough for my body?

Lastly, I know you are not a medical doctor, but I have sleep apnea. I’ve had sleep apnea for 10 years. Will your product assist with my sleeping and will it be OK to take say around 1 hour before bedtime? I just don’t want the product to keep me up but help me to have longer, deeper, sleep!



Oroville, CA

The way homeopathy works is that there is an optimum recipe that triggers your body into thinking that there is more human growth hormone in your system so that the liver produces more IGF-1 which is what gives you the invigoration properties. Almost all homeopathic preparations use the 30X formula because extensive testing has shown that this is the recipe that triggers the body. More HGH doesn’t work as well and less HGH doesn’t work as well. So it’s not a matter of more potent or powerful, it’s a matter of how much your body triggers your liver.

It should be safe to take within an hour of bedtime.

It’s a mystery to us why Australian Customs is so tight while New Zealand Customs is so loose. Probably the right politicians haven’t been paid off yet. We believe that you will be able to import it soon into Australia.

We appreciate your business!

Dear Customer Service, 

I am interested in obtaining your oral spray for hgh weight loss purposes. I have read some of the literature on your website and it doesn’t really focus on this issue. Do you have any data on it’s effectiveness on weight loss? I am currently living in the Czech Republic – are you able to ship your product to this country? If I order the product with the velvet deer antler (3 bottles) is the international postage cost an additional $35.00?

Thank you for your time.


Czech Republic

$35 covers all international shipping. We can ship to the Czech Republic.

If you are looking for a lot of weight loss our oral spray probably isn’t the right product for you. Those looking for a small amount of hgh weight loss or body builders looking to gain lean muscle mass then it would be a good product for you. Most people purchase the human growth hormone oral spray for one particular reason and after using it find that it helps them in many other ways they hadn’t anticipated.

Hope this helps. You’re gonna love this supplement!

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