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Zlabs And Tools For Wellness Contains No HGH

I just placed an order of 12 bottles with you and may be looking for a large volume quote in the near future. Can you explain why your product does not fit into the group of products discussed in the link below.




Howell, MI

Remember we told you previously that there are over 300 companies selling some form of "HGH" even if there is no human growth hormone in their product like Zlabs. And we believe there are only about 30 that are legitimate. So that leaves over 270 companies like Zlabs that find ways to slam the ones who are legitimate. It's very hard for the consumer to slog through all the information to discover the "truth. "  That's what you are trying to do now.

There are 3 ways you can raise your measurable IGF-1 levels (IGF-1 is what gives you the benefits): shots, pills, sprays. The first is very expensive. The second stops working after 6 weeks. And the first two claim it's impossible for the third way, homeopathic sprays, to work, even though increased levels of IGF-1 can be objectively measured. Meantime homeopathic remedies are used all over the world by millions of people quite successfully. We have many people who have been customers for years. 2% of the population does not respond to the oral spray at all. . .and we don't know why. You've used the product. There are over 270 companies out there telling you that it's impossible for you to feel anything!

Zlabs falls into the second category, a product that contains no human growth hormone. They are selling a few pennies worth of amino acids for $39!  Their supplement and those that stimulate your own pituitary to produce more human growth hormone, work quite well. . .but only for 4-8 weeks. It takes that period of time for your pituitary to get accustomed to the extra stimulation. Then it stops. It's actually quite a tease. You get the youthful benefits, then it all stops. I don't believe Zlabs claim that they have a high re-order rate because we get people buying our oral spray after using the "releaser" supplements for two months and losing the results. Since our oral spray contains actual human growth hormone (pharmaceutical somatotropin, in spite of what zlabs claims), it doesn't rely on the stimulation of the pituitary because it is actually putting human growth hormone into the system. You can use it non-stop for as long as you like and enjoy the benefits for as long as you like.

I simply don't have the time to refute all the other misstatements and falsehoods purported by this website and others like them but you might want to check out http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/hgh-scams.htm.

As far as tools for wellness is concerned, they are breaking the law and it will take about 5 months for the FDA to catch up with them and close them down. Our labels are inspected by the FDA. They will not allow us to describe our oral spray in "nanograms. "  If you do it needs to be prescribed by a doctor. That's why homeopathic human growth hormone has been allowed by the FDA for over the counter sales. Our product is described in dilution rates, "30X. "  The FDA will go after any company that describes their product in nanograms because it's against Federal Law to sell prescription pharmaceuticals over the counter. But the FDA allows this same prescription pharmaceutical to be sold over the counter as long as it's described in homeopathic dilution rates. And this also proves, in spite of what others may say, that homeopathic HGH DOES contain real human growth hormone.

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