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Ingredients Of Neugenisis Growth Hormone

Product: Neugenisis™

Ingredient URL: http://www.neugenisis.com/neugenisis_tablet_ingredients.shtml

Ingredients: Vitamin B6, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L- Iseoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, GABA, Tribulus Terrestris, Colustrum, Red Raspberry.

Neugenisis Notes: No Human Growth Hormone listed.

Price: $49.95 - 1 month, plus shipping; $169.95 - 4 months, plus shipping.

Recently Neugenisis has come out with a homeopathic oral spray that contains "HGH (Neugenatropin) Amino Acid Complex."  This amino acid complex is their own Neugenisis proprietary name but is not pharmaceutical HGH.

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I've been seeing research from time to time about the HGH products on the market. In almost every situation, they claim it is illegal to sell real human growth hormone without a prescription and that is why there are only human growth hormone "release" products found. Your site claims to have the real substance. How is this true?

Where do you obtain the actual human growth hormone? (Human cadavers?)

Lastly, if the other release tablets lose there effectiveness in a month, how does your product sustain long term use (indefinitely?)

I have been using HGHR1000 for almost one year. I am planning to order more of something, maybe a different brand such as your Advanced Formula. Please let me reply with responses that completely answers each and I may purchase a few months or more immediately. Any sales pitches or evading of the questions, will result in me spending my money elsewhere. I thank you for your time.

Port Townsend, WA

The answers to all of your questions are on our website, but we are happy to repeat them here. You should do some google research on "homeopathy" to understand why our product is legal for over the counter sales even though it contains real pharmaceutical human growth hormone, the same as is used in injections. Homeopathic oral spray is the only form of the real substance that is allowed for over the counter sales by the FDA. It has to be homeopathic for it to be legal. Most people don't know what homeopathic oral sprays are so they just make blanket statements that you need a prescription to obtain it legally. They are misinformed. Our labs go through periodic unannounced inspections 3 times per year by the FDA. They pick on everything. If the product were illegal they would shut us down in an instant.

It's not human growth hormone that gives you the invigoration properties, it's IGF-1 that gives you the invigoration properties. IGF-1 is produced in the liver according to how much HGH is in your system. The pills you are taking tickle the pituitary to produce more of the substance. Our target is not the pituitary. Our target is the liver. Our product triggers the liver to produce more IGF-1 by making it believe that there is more HGH in your system. We get 60%-80% of the same rise in IGF-1 levels as those using injections.

Human growth hormone from cadavers has been illegal for over 25 years. All of it sold today comes from the same place, it's synthetically produced in the lab by major pharmaceutical companies like Genentech and Eli-Lily.

Release tablets lose their effectiveness because the body gets used to the artificial stimulation of the pituitary and eventually stops producing additional substance. That's why most releasers ask you to "cycle" so that the gland can rest. Our product doesn't artificially stimulate a tiny gland, but rather communicates with a large organ. No cycling is necessary. It works constantly.

We appreciate your business!

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Our Product:
21st Century HGH

Original Formula:
Official HPUS: Pituitarum Posterium 30X.
Other: Somatropin (HGH) 30X, Liver Extract 3X.
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified Water USP.

$55.95 - 1 month, $8 (2-3 days) shipping =

$111.90 - 3 months, $8 (2-3 days) shipping = $119.90.

Notes on Neugenisis:
There is no HGH in Neugenisis.

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