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Product: Maximum Result

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Ingredients: Pituitary Extract 12X, Liver Extract 3X, Korean Ginseng 1X, Arnica Montana 3X, Acidum Phosphoricum 3X, Carduus Marianus 1X.

Notes: No Human Growth Hormone.

Price: $89.95 - 1 month, plus $5.50 (2-3) shipping; $179.90 - 3 months, plus $14.94 (2-3 days) shipping = $194.84.

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Homeopathic Growth Hormone Height

Dear 21st Century:

Firstly, I'd like to know whether your product can be used to increase my height and if it is worth buying for that reason? I'm 18 and my height is 5'6, my dad is 5'9, and my mom is 4'11. Because my dad is 3 whole inches taller than me still, I feel as though I haven't reached my maximum potential height. But the thing is do you think it's still worth buying 'for this reason even though I am 18, which everyone considers to be quite late for there still to be some growth and a time when the growth plates of a person may already be closed.

Another thing is that if it would still be worth taking it to increase my height, for example because my growth plates were still to be open, wouldn't there be abnormal growth of my long bones or abnormal growth of my jaw (which by the way I have seen is the case with many people taking the supplement and thus gives them the frankenstein look i.e. massive jaw which is disproportional with the size of the rest of the face like the skull). Also I know that there can be abnormal growth of the hand causing it also to be disproportional to the rest of the body.

Secondly, I'm a bit confused because of the fact that I have seen that you haven't said anything about side effects. I know for a fact i.e. for 100% that there are side effects and risks from taking HGH, namely:-
- increased blood pressure
- abnormal growth of long bones, i.e. legs, arms
- swelling of leg muscles and stiffness
- carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and edema
- elevation of blood sugar (raised blood sugar levels and raised insulin levels) , therefore causing diabetes and more.

Thanks a lot for your time. Please reply as soon as possible and I am sorry if I am asking too much but any advice or help you can give in response to reading this is massively appreciated!!

And thanks again - I'm grateful for your time!!!!

What is the difference between the original formula and the advanced formula. And do you think I should be using the advanced formula to increase my height or is that too strong and therefore risky and dangerous? I'm 18 by the way. Will the advanced formula work to increase my height?

All of your concerns center around injected HGH which don't apply to our homeopathic oral spray. There are no side effects using homeopathic oral spray. The downside of the homeopathic product is that it only gets 60%-80% of the same results as the injected pharmaceutical substance. It's easy to overdose using injections. It's impossible to overdose using homeopathic HGH.

It's hard to prove that HGH increases height because it's impossible to set up a "control group." In other words, if you use our product and increase 3 inches in height, how do you know if you wouldn't have increased in height 3 inches without using the product? Their's no harm in giving it a try. We would definitely recommend the Advanced Formula for your situation.

We appreciate your business!

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