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SomaLife gHP Ingredients

Product: SomaLife gHP "Youth Formula"

SomaLife gHP "Youth Formula" contains only amino acids. There is no HGH in this product. They sell it at a whopping $129.90 per month.

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Ingredients: L-Lysine, L-Arginine, L-Omithine, L-Glutamine, Glycine, L-Leucine, L-Iso-Leucine, L-Valine.

SomaLife gHP Notes: Neither HGH nor Human Growth Hormone are shown as an ingredient.

SomaLife "Youth Formula" Price: $129.95 - 1 month plus shipping.

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You listed several companies that are not telling the truth about HGH like GHR 1000...Have you heard of Dr. Cinque's HGH 6000?  I first saw them and was about to order but did a little more research on you came up. I live up north of you so I thought maybe I should get more info from you first.


Sugar Land, TX

Yes.  The product is alright.  If he continues to express his product in "nanograms" the FDA will close him down.  It's illegal.

How does it compare to your oral spray?  Are they different? Is so what are the difference?

They don't show the ingredients of their product anywhere that we could find on the website.  So there is no way we can compare.  All reputable companies are happy to show their ingredients because most people won't buy from companies who don't.

I hear lots of good things about HGH and really want to try it but very nervous about spending the money and not getting nothing (this has happened to me) the benefits.  I see you have a guarantee.

I just read from the Dr. Cinque's HGH 6000 website:

"Please beware of so-called Homeopathic human growth hormone. There is no such thing. It is just a gimmick. These homeopathic sprays often contain no measurable human growth hormone at all. That's right; they may not contain one single molecule of human growth hormone. But even if they did, the alcohol they contain would fracture the delicate human growth hormone molecule and ruin it. In truth, the whole system of homeopathy is pure, unmitigated nonsense. I am not going to present all the reasons why that is the case, but if you are curious about it and need to know, then I recommend you read Follies and Fallacies in Medicine by Skrabanek and McCormick, which includes a chapter on homeopathy."

Your oral spray states Homeopathic.
Can you tell me why they state this?

Whoa, I guess with that statement he just wiped out 150 years of homeopathy, a system of remedies that has cured millions of people of everything from colds, flu, hay fever, allergies, gout, menopausal symptoms, etc., etc.  If you choose to keep believing written statements from someone who is breaking the law with his labeling, is not showing the ingredients of his product, and displays the most unprofessional website we've seen in a long time, you can.  However, we can't continue to answer questions in regards to his product.

People who take our oral spray show measurable rises in their IGF-1 levels, 60%-80% of the same rise in IGF-1 levels of people taking injectable human growth hormone.  The bottom line for you is that you just have to try it.  If it doesn't work just send the used and unused bottles back for a complete refund.  You have nothing to lose.  You also have a lot to gain.

We appreciate your business! 

I do appreciate your quick response and will now need a day or 2 to decide what to do but again I do appreciate all your help.

Thanks and goodnight.

No problem. Good Night!

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