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trulyhuge.com Advance HGH Ingredients

Truly Huge Product: HGH Advance

Truly Huge Ingredient URL: http://www.trulyhuge.com/hgh.htm

Truly Huge Ingredients:  A proprietary blend preparation of L-arginine HCl, L-ornithine, glycine with added colostrum.

Truly Huge Notes:  Neither HGH nor Human Growth Hormone are shown as an ingredient.

Truly Huge HGH Advance Price: $55.95 - 1 month plus shipping, $156.85 - 4 months plus shipping..

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I used to use cocoon human growth hormone.  I did notice that since I stopped using it, I have many more aches and pains, joint soreness, etc.  I don't want to be fooled into believing that it made a difference.  I know it did until they changed their formula. 

What can you tell me about human growth hormone and how it will help?  I also notice that my skin is different since I stopped using the product.  Is this possible? Please help me make an educated decision, I don't know what to do. 

Beavercreek, OH

First of all you should try our oral spray right away.  Even if you buy just one bottle.  We have a 90 day guarantee and if it doesn't work for you just send it back.  We ask no questions.  Each bottle lasts one month.

We get ex-cocoon users all the time using our oral spray successfully.  Most people try it for one specific thing and then realized that it is helping them in 8 or 10 other areas.  Its a fabulous general tonic.  Everyone responds to the oral spray differently so it's hard to know exactly how it will affect you.  Skin tone is definitely affected by human growth hormone.  We have many actresses and female music performers who swear by it.

Check out our website.  There is a wealth of information there.  We appreciate your business!


I am a customer and have a question:  Please tell me the difference between your oral spray and Longevity.  I have a friend who is urging me to try it.

Please help as I have enjoyed the benefits of your oral spray with deer antler.


John E.
Castle Shannon, PA

There is no human growth hormone in the Longevity product.  "HGHR" is not HGH.  It cannot be put in a pill form.  The stacked amino acids and the bovine pituitary in their product will probably stimulate your body for a month or two to produce more human growth hormone on it's own.  After that your body will stop reacting to the product.  You can use our oral spray forever because our product actually contains the real substance (and IGF-1 in the form of deer antler) so that you aren't relying on your body to produce it with artificial stimulation.  The other difference between their product and ours is that their target is the pituitary gland, to stimulate it to produce more human growth hormone.  The target of our oral spray is the liver, to produce IGF-1 which is what gives the invigoration properties.  Perhaps you can get your friend to try our oral spray!

We appreciate your business!

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Our Product:
21st Century HGH

Original Formula:
Official HPUS: Pituitarum Posterium 30X.
Other: Somatropin (HGH) 30X, Liver Extract 3X.
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Alcohol 20% v/v, Purified Water USP.

$55.95 - 1 month, $8 (2-3 days) shipping =

$111.90 - 3 months, $8 (2-3 days) shipping = $119.90.

Notes on trulyhuge.com:
trulyhuge.com Advance HGH contains none of the real substance.

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