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Problen Growth Hormone Continued

Reviewing web sites for each supplement are few, confusing, and with no dates on the reviews. Some appear dated and inaccurate, according to your actual web-sites. Most reviewing sites seem to have conflicts of interest.

Don't believe any reviewing sites on the internet. They all have vested interests. Unfortunately there is no independent analysis being done because there is no profit motivation for one. We would gladly submit our oral spray to a truly independent comparison if there was one.

Their supplement seems to contain 21 amino acids and be slightly dissolved in Corn Alcohol. 21st Century HGH seem to me only in water, with no amino acids added.

Our oral spray contains no amino acids because they are unnecessary and may cause other unwanted bodily reactions.

Both seem to have gotten the same high test results of 160.5% for increase in IGF-1. Their supplement seems to have an Auto ship for a lower price, but such schemes are distasteful to me due to negative previous history.

We are anti-MLM, anti-spam, and anti-autoship.

Their supplement is supported by an internal Registered Nurse, 21st Century HGH quotes several physicians.

Both supplements have good web-sites and good testimonials. Each site tries to debunk the scams in this industry. Doctors and nurses are easily purchased, or worse, lied about. Ditto, testimonials. Scams are an unfortunate part of our industry.

What flavor does each of your HGH supplements appear to have? I won't take anything with caffeine in it and I assume neither contains caffeine in any form?

No caffeine, no sugars. The FDA requires that we use alcohol as a preservative that gives it its five year shelf life. Most oral sprays contain 30% alcohol. Ours contains only 20% alcohol. What does Problen's contain? There is no taste. Some people sense a slight alcohol taste. Some don't.

Where am I inaccurate about growth hormone on the above and what additional HGH information should I know?

I think you're doing a good job. Just narrowing it down to them and us is better than most people do. Problen is a good supplement. We think ours is better but we are prejudiced. Let us know if you need any more clarity.

If I can't get good differentiation from each of you, perhaps I'll just try each separated by 30 days.

That's a plan.

We appreciate your business!

You were correct in that no emails were answered by them, at least not in a timely manner.

Some of my research occurred in the early morning hours and so, it appears I was also wrong about the Liver extract, though there are 2 (!!)? Problen pharmacy URL's one of which DOES list Liver Extract as an ingredient and also states 20% alcohol (http://www.liveyoungagewell.com/proBLEN_new/products/HGHPlusIGF-1andIGF-2.cfm?ProdID=27), the other URL does NOT list Liver Extract in the PLUS version (http://www.hghblen.com/hghigf1-2.htm). (Google search found both sites) Their guarantee is now listed as 30 days on all sites, and seems rather filled with hassle requirements!

Perhaps I caught them in a middle of a website upgrade, accounting for the confusion. In any case, I'll place an order later tonight (after some personal commitments) for your 21st Century HGH oral spray. If positive results, I'll remain a long term client as I did with the GHR 15 series.

(BTW, what's your name ??, so I can personally thank you for your time)



We'll look forward to your order and we appreciate your business.

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