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Growth Hormone Questions

I've been reading through your site and have developed a list of questions about HGH. I realize that this is like asking the fox to watch the hen house, but as you can imagine it’s easy to be stung by false claims resulting in lost money and/or health. I need to gain some confidence before I pull the trigger. So I have many growth hormone inquiries.

The growth hormone questions I have come up with are as follows;

Have there been any negative long or short term health effects (cancer, liver problems, anger/depression issues, etc…) associated with HGC and/or IGF-1? Have the positive or negative affects been “published” or studied by anyone besides the FDA?

You should research "homeopathy" to realize how gentle on the body these products are. All homeopathic products, whether for allergies, anti-aging, performance enhancing, the flu, etc., are very easy on the body. We know of no negative long or short term health affects. Very few studies have been published because there is no financial motivation to do them by any independent agency.

This HGH oral spray stimulates the Liver. Has there been any reports of liver complications because of this?


Have there been any reported complications of HGH being taken by someone who is a frequent drinker of alcohol?


How does this HGH oral spray affect whole blood donations at the blood bank?

It doesn't affect it at all, except you might recuperate faster.

Does this HGH oral spray affect child bearing for either males or females?


Can HGH be used by nursing mothers? If so, does it have any affect on the nursing infants?

It should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers.

Can it be used by children?

The FDA will not allow us to offer the product to anyone under 18 but we have been told that parents are giving it to their children in spite of the warning not to do so.

You repeatedly state that this product is returnable, “no questions asked”. Is this really the case? Specifically how much of the initial purchase price is refunded? Is there a time limit (30, 60 or 90 days) associated with the return?

We have so few returns this is not a big deal for us. We have a written 90 day return policy but we never check to see when the product has been purchased. 2% of the population does not respond to homeopathic remedies at all and no one seems to know why. So if we have an unhappy customer we just refund the money without any hesitation. That way we have happy people whether it works for them or not. We refund the entire amount back to your credit card a day or two after we receive all the bottles back. The only money you lose is the cost of shipping us the used and unused bottles ($2-$4).

I am interested in trying your product… however, I would like to have some confidence before I try it to see if it’s “the real deal”.

Thanks in advance for your response to my growth hormone questions!

Hesperia, CA

We are eager to answer all your growth hormone inquiries and appreciate your business!

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