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Who is telling the real truth? Would you please respond to this article: http://www.eternalhgh.com/hgh/hgh-scams.html


Sparta, IL

This is so funny. The article tells you all HGH products are bogus then the company tries to sell you a bogus product! How is that being honest?

The oral spray they "recommend" contains absolutely none of the true substance and that's an indisputable fact! Here is the address of their ingredients: http://www.sytropin.com/ingredients.html

There is no mention of "HGH," "Human Growth Hormone," or "Somatotropin" in this list of ingredients. What they've done is taken your average, everyday, pill form of stacked amino acids and put it in a liquid form for ingestion through the oral mucosa via a spray. You can get more powerful products in pill form for ingestion through the stomach.

Anyway, these stacked amino acids actually do work well, but for only a month or so. Then the body gets used to the additional stimulation and stops producing the additional substance. We get their dissatisfied customers all the time. That's the real truth. It's a terrible tease to get all the great benefits, then six weeks later lose them all.

There is nothing in this article that addresses "homeopathic" oral sprays which makes me believe that this article was written by an "allopathic" physician. Please read "The Short Answer" and "The Long Answer" at Growth Hormone HGH Quackwatch.

The author "conveniently" makes no mention of homeopathic oral sprays because they are made from the true pharmaceutical ingredient, the same kind of pharmaceutical substance that is prescribed and injected (and not from plant or bovine sources). The author leads the reader to believe that he is addressing the entire universe of HGH products which he, obviously, does not. The FDA allows "homeopathic" oral sprays for over the counter sales and they have specific guidelines for our labeling and they inspect our lab several times per year. Again, the real truth.

The author is right to warn people about the use of human growth hormone. Most of the industry is littered with vendors trying to make a fast buck by making outrageous claims and selling bogus products. We fight this seamy side of the industry continuously.

If you are using injections you should only do that under a doctor's care because it can be dangerous to some people. Homeopathic oral spray is so gentle to the body that it is unnecessary to be monitored by a doctor even though these sprays get 60%-80% of the same results as the injections.

The facts are out there, you just have to sift though a lot of junk to find it. Hope this helps.

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