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I represent AAA Pharma, a Philippine based importer and distributor company that deals with pharmaceuticals, supplements,over the counter goods and cosmetics. We have recently come across your oral spray and would like to request for a product list with export prices as well as samples to show our sub-distributors and key accounts as we believe the oral spray has potential in the Philippine market. A couple of questions I have regarding your web site:

In the homepage, it states that,  

"The following web sites and/or vendors (links to ingredient pages) sell or recommend products that contain ABSOLUTELY NO HGH:

hgh.com (injections and pills)
Ultimate HGH
Maximum Result
iherb Promino Plus
Super HGH
TV Products Guide
Human Growth Hormone Factor Complex Spray
SomaLife gHP
Life Factor
Omega GH"

What is the basis of these studies?  

Also, another statement that piqued my curiosity was the response to the quackwatch posting that the oral spray is just as potent as the injectible, I would like to know the basis of that claim as well.

Lastly, I have read about growth hormone side effects, have you ever encountered these? What are the possible side effects of homeopathic oral spray and what is the difference between homeopathic and regular oral spray?

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Columbia City, IN

The basis of the claim that those vendors provide supplements "that contain absolutely no HGH" are the ingredients as stated on their own web sites  That's why we provide the link to their ingredient pages here: http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/HGH-nih-research.htm  Just click on the link to each individual product and you will find the ingredients and the links to their website pages that state their ingredients.

Can you cite the exact place where we say, "the oral spray is just as potent as the injectible"?  We do say, "homeopathic oral sprays continue to show 60%-80% of the results of human growth hormone injections" which can be seen at the bottom of page http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/quackwatch-growth-hormone-continued.htm

There are no side effects that we know of using homeopathic anything, including homeopathic human growth hormone, because homeopathic products are so benign.  We can't speak to the side effects of releasers or injectibles.  You'll have to do your own research.

We have had many requests from vendors wishing to import our products from all over Asia.  Not one inquiry has ever amounted to anything so we are reluctant to take the time to engage in any other attempts.  We are the most prominent company selling homeopathic oral spray in America and our brand is the most sought after in China.  Individuals routinely take dozens of bottles of our product there and sell it for $125 or more per bottle.  If you wish to purchase our product in bulk (72 bottles or more) we'll give you a discounted price.  We only sell the Regular Formula and the Advanced Formula.  Both products are well described on our website.

We appreciate your inquiry and we hope we have adequately answered your questions.

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