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Dear Sirs,

I am interested in your homeopathic human growth hormone product. I found you put Sytropin spray on the list with no HGH. I found web page http://www.21stcenturyhgh.org - which has name similar to yours where this product, not yours, is advertised. Is that your site or someone's else. Also, do you have any additional web sources where I can find results of your homeopathic product in some independent scientific trial.

Thank you in advance


Dr Karlo
Walbridge, OH

21stcenturyhgh.org (we are ".com") is owned by Sytropin in a shameless attempt, in our opinion, to bleed off our business into theirs.  They are not very nice, in our opinion.

There are no independent scientific trials of these products because there is no financial motivation for an independent agency to conduct those trials.  All the trials that we've seen out there are conducted by manufacturers themselves who usually skew the results in favor of their own supplement.

Pretty much you just have to try the oral spray for yourself to see if it works.  We have a very liberal return policy.  Just return all used and unused bottles and we issue a complete refund if you aren't satisfied.

Sytropin spray is not a homeopathic HGH oral spray. It takes the amino acid formulation of HGH releaser pills and puts it into a liquid formulation. This confuses the consumer into thinking that they have purchased a homeopathic spray containing real human growth hormone when in reality it contains none.

We appreciate your business!

I am 53. I really am told I look much younger. I would like to know the benefits as far as aging of skin, sagging of skin on the face, neck etc. Does this really help to avoid and REVERSE signs of aging?

London, KY

Our homeopathic formulation works differently for everyone so it's hard to know how is will affect you.  We have a lot of show business people, especially women, who swear by our homeopathic remedy.  We don't like to make outrageous claims so we usually say that the product will "slow down" the affects of aging.  Most people buy the product for one thing and then realize it's helping them in many other areas they hadn't anticipated.  Again, we don't know how it will specifically affect you.  We do have a very liberal return policy so if you see no results just send the used and unused bottles back for a complete refund.

We appreciate your business!

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