Velvet Deer Antler


velvet deer antlerDear Customer Service:

Thank you for your quick response to my numerous questions. I recently came across a web site for an hgh oral spray similar to your own. It also contained the velvet deer antler substance in it. It also claimed to contain IGF-2 as well as IGF-1. What is IGF-2 ? They also have an oral spray that they claim will repair and rejuvenate our DNA structure. I believe the company is called Pro-Blen but I am not sure.

Have you heard of these types of oral sprays with velvet deer antler before and could you give me any information on the subject of DNA/RNA rejuvenation. Would these types of supplements offer benefits over and above yours. I certainly do appreciate the information you send to me as it will help me to make an informed decision.

Billings, MT

We know this company quite well. They always come up behind us and whatever we do, they do, including velvet deer antler.

Their marketing is better than ours, that we’ll admit. “IGF-2,” that’s a good one. We are sure nobody else on the planet can offer that! Their supplements won’t do anything more than ours, despite their grand claims.

They also have a different sales orientation than we do. Before you can purchase anything that they sell they make you “register” by giving them all of your contact information. I run from these kind of vendors because the next thing that happens is junk mail, spam email, and solicitation phone calls…and not just for the things they sell. They sell your information to other vendors.

We are very careful about all our purchases over the internet. You should too. If you have any other questions just let us know.

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to order your HGH oral spray but noticed that there is a high content of alcohol in it. Do you have an oral spray that is free of it? I am an alcoholic and have an allergy to it so I need an oral spray that is alcohol free. Thank you.


Burke, NY

The FDA requires alcohol as a preservative so we doubt you’ll be able to find any HGH growth hormone oral spray that doesn’t contain it. Most use 30% alcohol. Since the FDA has seen our 20% alcohol content in their inspections that’s most likely the lowest you’ll find. Sorry.

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