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From what I've been reading, the real pharmaceutical substance can only be obtain through a doctor's prescription. Is this correct?


Alma, AR

No that's not correct.  The companies who sell injectible vials of growth hormone lead the public to believe that. 

Homeopathic oral spray contains the exact same pharmaceutical substance that doctors prescribe.  Since it's in a diluted form the FDA allows homeopathic oral sprays for over the counter sales.  The FDA inspects our lab and views our labels for conformity to regulations.  They wouldn't allow it out the door of the lab if it were illegal. 

Doctors and homeopathy have never gotten along well.  Doctors say that no homeopathic remedies can possibly work.  However, for over a hundred and fifty years homeopathic preparations have been treating people successfully for all kinds of ailments.  In the case of HGH, you can measure the amount of IGF-1 in a person's body before and after use.  IGF-1 is the invigoration by-product of increased HGH.  People who use homeopathic oral sprays show increased levels of IFG-1, in spite of what doctors claim. 

You should try our supplement and return it if you're not satisfied.

We appreciate your business!

Why is real HGH better than the ones that make your own body produce it naturally?

Troy, MI

The companies that sell products that make your own body produce it naturally tickle your pituitary gland to do so.  The body is an amazing machine so after a month it gets used to this tickle and stops producing the extra substance.  It's a terrible tease for the consumer because you actually do get the invigoration and then, bam, after a month it's all gone.  We get these people buying our product all the time. 

Increased HGH triggers your liver to produce IGF-1 which is what gives you the invigoration properties.  Our oral spray targets the liver, not the pituitary.  So with our supplement you get increased invigoration for as long as you take it.  We have some people on our oral spray almost 7 years!

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