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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week February '10

Question of the Week 2-5-10


I am 46 years old and I have heard that HGH will help improve my BP, my cholesterol, and my body fat along with a better memory and more energy. Is this true? How can this product help me?

Ogden, UT

Everybody reacts to homeopathic remedies differently so it's hard to know exactly how it will affect you. You just have to try it and see. We have a 90 day guarantee.

Generally speaking, people find the product to be a fabulous tonic. Everything is about 20% better: sleep, digestion, energy, mental clarity, endurance, recuperation, libido, etc. The one comment that all users make is that they buy it to help them in one or two specific ways and after a month they realize it is helping them in many other ways that they hadn't anticipated.

We appreciate your business!

Question of the Week 2-19-10

Dear 21st Century HGH:

From your product will how much muscle mass can you gain, if any or is this product just for aging, and if you gain any muscle mass from this product, how comparable is it to steroid’s. I want to gain mass like you would from steroid’s but without all the side effects of them. 

Bothell, WA

Everybody responds to our product differently so we can't anticipate how much or how little it will work for you.  The product definitely isn't just for aging.  We have many body builders on our product.  They all use the Advanced Formula. 

Nothing will give you muscle mass like steroids except steroids.  Sorry.  But our product is very gentle on the system and we have athletes in all disciplines using our HGH spray.

We appreciate your business!

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