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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week January '10

Question of the Week 1-5-10


I was looking at your product but had some questions. First on your guarantee: I tried calling you but could never get an answer so that is usually a red flag. How would I go about getting my money back if this product does not work.

Second, other sites claim that oral sprays are a hoax because HGH is unstable and has to be in a controlled environment. What makes your HGH stable?

Would love to hear from someone soon. Thanks!

New Orleans, LA

We take pride in our Customer Service and respond to all phone messages and emails within 24 hours. You should have left a message. If there was no answering machine you probably dialed the wrong number. We do answer the phone most of the day. Sorry you had trouble.

Refunds are very easy. Just send the used and unused bottles back to us and we issue a refund back to your credit card. We only get about one or two refunds per month so it's not a big deal for us and we issue refunds as soon as we receive the bottles back.

On the stability issue, first of all, if any site has no contact information (address, phone, email) don't trust anything that's being said.

Second, our product is "homeopathic" and uses real pharmaceutical HGH. HGH in vials for injection need to be kept stable by refrigeration. Because our product is a homeopathic preparation made for absorption through the oral mucosa, the HGH being "unstable" has no meaning. Do some research on "Homeopathy" and you'll understand.

Third, if our product is a "hoax" how can you explain the rise in IGF-1 levels achieved during it's use? IGF-1, triggered by HGH and produced by the liver, is what brings the invigoration properties, not HGH.

We appreciate your business!

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