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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week March '10

Question of the Week 3-25-10


I've been buying your HGH oral spray for years now, but with the economy I've had to cut back on a few expenses. I'm wondering at this point what the difference is if I buy your regular HGH spray instead of your HGH with IGF1?

I know you obviously recommend any and all of your products, But will I feel a difference? Will I not have results with your regular HGH? Just inquiring.

Thank you,

Rose, Aberdine, TX

Everybody responds to the product differently so it's hard to know how it will affect you. Most people say the Advanced formula is about 10%-20% stronger than the Original formula. A few people notice no difference whatsoever. For athletes and Hollywood entertainers that 10%-20% is big. For seniors on a tight budget it may not be so necessary.

We suggest you try a bottle of the Original formula for a month and see how it works for you. Then you can make the decision that's best for you.

We appreciate your business!

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