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The following 2 HGH Growth Hormone Video can be seen on youtube but are listed here as a convenience to our customers. The first video “HGH Facts and Fiction” is a general discussion on HGH and runs 4:35 minutes. The second hgh growth hormone video “HGH For Athletes and Performers” is specific to athletes and professional performers of all types and runs 5 minutes. Just click on the photos to view.

HGH Facts and Fiction

HGH For Athletes and Performers

HGH Growth Hormone Video – About Us

We are a small, niche market, on-line, mail-order company and so we all multi-task. If you call or email any one of us can answer your questions. A small company is a bonus for the consumer because you will either reach us or hear back from us quite soon. And six months later the same people are likely to be there when you call. We believe in the lost art of “the customer is always right.”

21st Century HGH was started by an aging, former, professional athlete. He had previously been on the cutting edge of health for years, experimenting with nutritional products for his own use.

In 1999, when the Internet was still very young, he was so impressed by the homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray he was using that he decided to start selling it on his own. In January of 2000 the first sale was made. Originally marketed to seniors for anti-aging, athletes from around the world are now discovering its benefits and purchasing it on-line.

Upon start up, the goal of our business model was to sell the highest quality products available to the public. We searched the globe for the best homeopathic lab to make our human growth hormone oral spray. This company is located in Iowa and so everything about us is made in the USA. There are plenty of products out there that are equal to ours, but none is better.

We only sell online and have no physical retail locations. As we have not marketed products in health food locations or vitamin shops you won’t find them there. We would if we could. We do, however, sell to many workout facilities, Alternative Doctors and Chiropractors who value the quality and customer service we provide.

We appreciate your business!

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