Human Growth Hormone Athletes Caught Using HGH Supplements

HGH Human Growth Hormone Athletes Caught

Everybody knows that steroid use is deleterious to your health.  Unfortunately human growth hormone, which is not a steroid, has gotten caught up in the steroid use controversy.  In an opinion column of the San Francisco Chronicle Sports Section of February 19, 2005, Bruce Jenkins discusses the matter of HGH and other more dangerous supplements.

As you can see in italics below he claims 1) that HGH is considered to be the most potent of all supplements that athletes take and 2) that baseball won’t be using a blood test for human growth hormone probably because it considers the homeopathic oral spray to be so benign.

“This column will not be your steroid headquarters for the season, but a few points must be made. First, who is to say that the sport won’t pull a cover up in steroid testing? Surely, officials can’t wait to expose a backup second baseman or an aging catcher; makes the new testing program look great. How willing will they be to reveal a positive test for a superstar?

Critics ridicule the tame suspensions for first-time users, but it’s all about exposure. Once your name is out there, as a steroid user, it’s over. Your reputation is permanently shot.

Canseco praises the wonders of HGH, a substance repeatedly linked to certain icons of the game. It seems to be the most beneficial of all performance-enhancing substances. Well, HGH users remain in the clear. It has been added to the “banned” list, but it is detected by blood testing, and the new agreement doesn’t allow for that.

La Russa was right about this: Even if officials had demanded investigations on steroids several years ago, they would have been shut down by the Players Association. That’s the legacy of union heads Donald Fehr and Gene Orza: They fought hard to, in essence, keep steroids in the game. They relented only because of the BALCO investigation and the extreme embarrassment it caused.

Here’s a question from a user of our oral spray:

“Please I need a clarification:  Is your product 100% legal to use by MLB players?”

The product is legal for over the counter sales to the general public.  The sport has banned the “use of human growth hormone.”  Whether baseball has banned the use of “homeopathic” HGH oral spray is a matter of interpretation.

Were human growth hormone athletes caught? The problem for baseball and its players is the unauthorized (without prescription) use of any substance that needs to be procured by a doctor with a prescription.  For instance, Andy Petite’s use for a short period of time for a specific problem under a doctor’s care, seems to be much less of a problem than all those who obtained it illegally.  Also, the use of needles and injections by trainers is a seamy side of the issue that MLB is trying to clean up.  Some of these players were stupid enough to have product and needles shipped right into the clubhouse! Easy for human growth hormone athletes caught.

If you lined up 1000 allopathic doctors and asked them if “homeopathic” sprays (any homeopathic spray whether for allergies, the flu, menstrual relief, etc.) have any value, 999 would give their “expert” opinion that they are useless (even though IGF-1 levels rise when on the homeopathic HGH oral spray).  So back to your question, is the “useless” homeopathic product legal to use by MLB players?  That’s the interpretation part.

Are Human Growth Hormone Athletes Caught?

We can tell you that baseball players are on the product right now, using it in the privacy of their own home.  There are side effects, though rare, with over dosages of injected hgh  There are no known side effects reported in 150 years of the use of any homeopathic oral spray.  Clarified?

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