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In order to best understand everything there is to know about Human Growth Hormone the following resources are provided for your edification. These studies, by a range of authority organizations, will help the consumer gain greater knowledge on the subject.

1. Jorgenson Study - European Journal of Endocrinology
1994, Jens OL Jørgenson, Leif Thuesen, Jørn Müller, Per Ovesen1, Niels E Skakkebæk, and Jens S Christiansen. "Three years of human growth hormone treatment in HGH-deficient adults: near normalization of body composition and physical performance."

2. Annals of Internal Medicine - American College of Physicians
"HGH and Function in Elderly Persons" Maxine A. Papadakis, MD. April 1997, Volume 126, Issue 7. "Feller and colleagues point out that HGH replacement in human growth hormone-deficient younger adults results in improved strength."

3. Rudman Study
The Rudman study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM; 323:1-6 1990). This pilot study divided 21 men 61-81 years old with plasma IGF-1 levels less than 350 iu per liter into two groups: 12 test subjects and 9 controls subjects. A six month base period of data collection preceded the six month test (GH injection) period. The study showed an increase in lean muscle mass, a decrease in adipose fat tissue, and an increase in vertebral bone height. All test subjects had measurable increases in their IGF-1 blood values. The control group showed none of the above benefits.

4. HGH NIH Aging
"In Search of the Secrets of Aging - Biochemistry and Aging."

5. University of Buffalo - State University of New York
"Growth-Hormone Deficient Babies Are Normal Length At Birth, UB Study Finds." "Growth begins to slow at six months of age, results show." SAN FRANCISCO -- Babies born with a congenital HGH deficiency (CGHD) are of normal length at birth and don't begin to experience growth problems until about six months of age, research by pediatricians at the University at Buffalo have found.

6. University of Illinois at Chicago
"HGH activates gene involved in healing damaged tissue." HGH is known to increase lean body mass and bone density in the elderly, but it does something else, too. It activates a gene critical for the body's tissues to heal and regenerate, says Robert Costa, professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a member of the UIC Cancer Center.

7. BEING ALIVE: February 1995
(BALA) Treatment IND for Human Growth Hormone, Mark Katz, MD, and reported by Jim Stoecker. Serono Laboratories has developed a recombinant HGH (brand name is Serostim) to treat AIDS-related wasting syndrome.

8. Annals of Internal Medicine - American College of Physicians
"HGH and Function in Elderly Persons." Axel G. Feller, MD; Lester Cohn, MD; and Inge W. Rudman, RPT. April 1997, Volume 126, Issue 7. "Papadakis and colleagues reported that a cohort of healthy, active men older than 70 years of age with low insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels had increased lean body mass and decreased fat mass after receiving HGH for 6 months. This finding confirmed our observations after 6 months and 12 months of human growth hormone treatment in a similar group of healthy older men.

10.  Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention
"Single and Combined Effects of HGH and Testosterone Administration on Measures of Body Composition, Physical Performance, Mood, Sexual Function, Bone Turnover, and Muscle Gene Expression in Healthy Older Men"   Kimberly T. Brill, Arthur L. Weltman, Angela Gentili, James T. Patrie, David A. Fryburg, John B. Hanks, Randall J. Urban, and Johannes D. Veldhuis, Vol. 87, No. 12.  "We conclude that 1 month of GH and/or T administration improves certain measures of balance and physical performance in older men and increases muscle IGF-I gene expression. "

11.  The Doctor's Medical Library
"Human Growth Hormone"

12.  Endocrine Reviews
"Epidermal Homeostasis: The Role of the Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Systems."  Stephanie R. Edmondson, Susan P. Thumiger, George A. Werther and Christopher J. Wraight .  "This overview concerns the role and mechanisms of action of the HGH and IGF systems in skin and maintenance of epidermal integrity in both health and disease. "

13.   Annals of Internal Medicine - American College of Physicians
"HGH Replacement in Healthy Older Men Improves Body Composition but Not Functional Ability."  Maxine A. Papadakis, MD; Deborah Grady, MD, MPH; Dennis Black, PhD; Mary Jo Tierney, RN, MS; Gretchen A.W. Gooding, MD; Morris Schambelan, MD; and Carl Grunfeld, MD, PhD.  15 April 1996, Volume 124, Issue 8.  "Conclusions: Physiologic doses of HGH given for 6 months to healthy older men with well-preserved functional abilities increased lean tissue mass and decreased fat mass. "

14.  Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention
"Nutritional Predictors of Insulin-like Growth Factor I and Their Relationships to Cancer in Men"  Edward Giovannucci, Michael Pollak, Yan Liu, Elizabeth A. Platz, Noreen Majeed, Eric B. Rimm and Walter C. Willett, Vol. 12, 84-89, February 2003.  "In this generally well-nourished population of middle-aged to elderly men, plasma IGF-I and IGF-I:IGF-binding protein-3 molar ratio tended to increase with higher intake of protein and minerals, including potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus."

15.  Annals of Internal Medicine - American College of Physicians
"Whither Recombinant Human Growth Hormone?"   Christos S. Mantzoros, MD, DSc and Alan C. Moses, MD.  December 1996, Volume 125, Issue 11.  "HGH and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) are important anabolic hormones. They enhance intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate and may play a direct role in DNA synthesis in bone, proliferation of osteoblasts, and accumulation of procollagen messenger RNA."

16.  Clinical Research Group Cardiomyopathy
"Congestive Heart Failure."  Prof. Dr. Karl Josef Osterziel.  "Experimental studies and different case reports, gave support to the hypothesis that therapy with human recombinant growth hormone (hGH) would improve the clinical situation as well as the haemodynamic situation of patients with DCM. "

17.  Genetic or Gene Enhancement
"Genetic Enhancement"  Kathi E. Hanna, M.S., Ph.D., Science and Health Policy Consultant.  "However, with the advent of recombinant DNA manufacturing, some physicians have begun recommending use of HGH for nonhormone-deficient children who are below normal height."

18  University of Pennsylvania Health System
Nancy E. Cooke, M.D. , Professor of Medicine and Genetics.  "The overall goal of this project is to understand the mechanism by which this LCR modulates the structure of chromatin at the hGH locus in the pituitary and placenta, and how silencing of the B-cell specific Igb, located just downstream of HSI, occurs in these tissues."

19.  American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, WorldHealth.net
"Two Years Of Replacement Therapy In Adults With HGH Deficiency."  Verheist J, Abs R, Vandeweghe M, Mockel J, Legros J, Copinschi G, Mahler C, Velkeniers B, Vanhaeist L, Van Aelst A, De Rijdt D, Stevenaert A, Beckers A, 1997, Vol. 47.  "We confirmed in a large group of patients the beneficial effects of rhGH therapy on body composition, metabolic parameters and general well-being and found a consistent drop in number of sick days and hospitalization rate."

20.  Monash University - Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
"Molecular & Cellular studies of Obesity & Diabetes."  Associate Professor F.M. Ng.  "Research findings from our laboratory suggest that within the hGH molecule there are distinctive functional domains for specific biochemical actions. We have identified the anti-diabetes and anti-obesity domains of the hGH molecule which are being developed as therapeutic agents for the treatment of the metabolic disorders."

21.  National Cardiovascular Center
"Discovery of Ghrelin, a novel growth hormone releasing peptide."  "Using this technique, we succeeded in the purification of an endogenous ligand for GHS-R from stomach and named it "ghrelin". Ghrelin has a unique structure, with an n-octanoyl modification at its third serine residue essential for its activities to stimulate GH secretion from pituitary cells. The existence of ghrelin in the stomach suggests a new mechanism regulating GH secretion."

22.  Harvard Medical School
"Advances in Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Adults."  Steven Grinspoon, M.D.  "Acquired GH deficiency is characterized by weight gain, increased fat mass and decreased lean body mass. In one recent study, total body fat was shown to be increased by 7% in this population while lean body mass was decreased to a similar degree."

23. eMedicine
"Growth Hormone Replacement in Older Men"  Angela Gentili, MD and Angela Gentili, MD.  "The decrease in lean body mass and increase in adipose tissue that occurs with aging has been suggested to be partly due to the age-associated decrease in HGH and insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), also known as somatomedin C, which is produced by the liver and other tissues in response to GH."

24.  National Library of Medicine
"Effects of GH and/or sex steroid administration on abdominal subcutaneous and visceral fat in healthy aged women and men."  Munzer T, Harman SM, Hees P, Shapiro E, Christmas C, Bellantoni MF, Stevens TE, O'Connor KG, Pabst KM, St Clair C, Sorkin JD, Blackman MR.

26.  Colorado Futurescience, Inc.
"HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH)."  Jerry Emanuelson.  "At the age of 30, people have spent most of their lives with fairly high levels of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is responsible for growth during childhood -- and for the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout our lives. By the time we reach the age of 30, our HGH levels are only about 20 percent of their peak levels during childhood, and after the age of 30, they continue to decline at about 14 percent per decade."

27.  Washington University, St Louis, Missouri and the ACTG
"Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (r-hGH)."  Judith Aberg, MD, 7/13-16/03, Paris, France.

28.  National Institute for Clinical Excellence
"HGH should be used for children with growth failure."  NICE launches guidance on Human Growth Hormone for Children, May 2010.

29.  National Institutes of Health
"Study of Growth Hormone Treatment and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Underscores Need for Prevention of Adrenal Crises."  4/7/04.

30.  NPR
"Human Growth Hormone FDA Approves Drug for Use in Healthy, Short Children."

31.  Anti-Aging Research Laboratories
"Growth Hormone Deficiency in Fibromyalgia."  Robert Bennett, MD, FRCP.  "It is not uncommon for physicians who are unfamiliar with the complexity of the fibromyalgia syndrome to view the patients' symptoms as due to a hormonal deficiency."

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