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HI, I'm confused now.  I purchased some Sytropin recently because it was recommended as being approximately 90% efficient compared to my regular Problen which was rated as only 60%. Having read your comments on your web site, I wonder whether I've been duped or whether you have a bee in your bonnet with regards to Sytropin.  I have noticed that there is a lot of back biting between growth hormone HGH suppliers which makes me wonder whether to trust any of the companies at all. 

Macon, GA

Yes, the industry is pretty rough.  The injectible human growth hormone manufacturers feel that sprays don't work.  You can't put human growth hormone in a pill, so anyone selling "HGH" pills is definitely lying.  Sytropin has taken the deception one level further.  They've taken what most vendors put in a pill and made a spray form of it! 

Since there is no real human growth hormone in it they can make the product at a much lower price than those of us who put real HGH in their product.  That lower price enables them to make more money which they then use to market their product.  If you go to their website where they list their ingredients at http://www.sytropin.com/ingredients.html you will see that there is no human growth hormone listed there.  They do say something about "HGH components" (what the heck is that?) but HGH components is not HGH.  So if you take the product and you get pumped because of all the stacked amino acids you figure it must be because of the human growth hormone, but it's not because there is none. 

Your confusion is normal and we fight with it everyday.  You haven't been duped.  You wanted to buy an apple and you were sold an orange which you thought was an apple.  Since they have such a great guarantee (which they know most people won't use) send the orange back and buy the apple you originally wanted.

We appreciate your business!

The information Highway is very conflicting regarding homeopathic HGH products. All seem to conflict every other company stating that their own product is the best.  So I will ask your company what makes you state that you are the best and that the list of products that you give are not. 

All the info that you give sounds good to me, but when you go to another company they are conflicting with you.  It would be nice to have some straight forward info for a change.  I will look forward to your response, because I am interested in an oral human growth hormone or even your new advanced version, and is it really worth the extra. 

Thank you,  

P. Roccki
Ocala, FL

We agree that 80% of the internet is lies or scams.  Be very persistent about discovering the truth.

The list we provide just informs the consumer that anybody that sells pills purporting to contain HGH is being less than honest.  You can't put human growth hormone into a pill.  With everything that's written on those websites they lead you to believe that their product does contain human growth hormone because they talk about it so much.  This is disingenuous.  And why is it so hard to find the ingredients of their product on their website?  Because they don't want to make it too easy for you to read that their product contains none.  The few pennies that they spend on all the amino acids it takes to tickle your pituitary into producing more human growth hormone yields a high profit margin for them because they sell their product at prices close to products that actually contain human growth hormone.  The truth is, their product does work.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that after a month the pituitary gland gets used to the amino acid tickle and stops producing the additional human growth hormone.  It's a terrible tease for the consumer because you get the benefits, and then, BAM!, they are gone.  We get their dissatisfied customers all the time.

Injectible HGH is the superior way to get real human growth hormone into your system.  However, homeopathic oral sprays provide 60%-80% of the same results as taking injections at a fraction of the cost and without sticking yourself with needles.  So that's the truth in a nutshell.  Pills work for a month, sprays work forever but not with the same efficacy as shots.  Bottom line for you is that you must try it for yourself.  If it doesn't do anything for you just send it back.


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