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Dear 21st Century,

I have been doing A LOT of researching recently on Human Growth Hormone and I'm one small step away from purchasing it. Just like any other product sold on the internet you have numerous people working on commission telling you that their product is the best and it will give the best results. A lot of them even have personal reviews posted. I'm sure some are fake but it's so hard to tell.

I have recently done a lot of looking into sytropin and somatropin. I honestly felt after looking at about 10 websites that I would be very comfortable and satisfied with sytropin after what I had read it sounded great. As I read more, some websites claimed that it was just a scam.

I have been looking at your 21st century oral spray and it seems like this might be the most valid product so far. I'm looking for an increase in well being, sex drive, lean muscle build, etc. I'd really like to see good muscle production because I work out regularly. What would you suggest? I know everyone is different but I'm wondering how satisfied I'll be three months from now after being on this oral spray. I'd just like some reassurance before I pull out the credit card. Please respond. Thank you.

I am willing to take injections if that will honestly give me the best results. I have friends that purchase through IP pharmacies where anabolic steroids are purchased. They offer human growth hormone as well. What is the best HGH and will it make a huge difference if I inject it. I'm more comfortable with your spray but I'd like an expert, but honest opinion on what is best. I just want to know what's the most highly recommended and VALID human growth hormone I can get my hands on and how to take it.

Macon, GA

Sytropin is a good product but it only works for about six weeks and it contains no HGH. Injected human growth hormone works the best. Our product, which does contain real HGH, gets 60%-80% of the same results of injected human growth hormone. All negative side effects attributed to HGH come from injected human growth hormone. There are no side effects using our oral spray. That's why many of the baseball players and body builders are using our product.

Our suggestion to you is to try our oral spray for 3 months. If you don't like it just return the bottles for a complete refund. At that time you can try injected human growth hormone. If you can get the results you are looking for without the risk of side effects, the use of needles, and the additional costs involved, you should try that first.

We appreciate your business!

Research on life extension in the last forty years has centered around Human Growth Hormone, a substance secreted by the Pituitary Gland. It’s abundant while the body is growing until the age of 18 and from there begins a dramatic and steady decline until the day we die. Human growth hormone can be measured and at 18 years old the amount circulating in the system is 1000 nanograms per milliliter of blood. At 20 it’s down already to 775, 25 down to 500, and at 40 it’s 300. No wonder we start “feeling our age” after 30! Nothing fixes this better than 21st Century HGH oral spray.

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