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Thanks very much for the prompt delivery of my order. I received it on Thursday of last week. I just started taking it today and have high expectations.

Do you have a plan that would allow for regular shipments so that I don't have to reorder all the time? Also do you have any other products?

I'm also taking DHEA and have been noticing some good results. Do you think it is alright to continue or would I get the same results from your oral spray alone?

Thanks again for your great service!

Hutchinson, KS

Yes we have an autoship program that will send you 3 bottles quarterly.  Just e-mail us that you want to be on that program.

We are only selling these two products at this time.  We had three other products but the HGH and Moringa seem to be keeping our customers healthy and happy.

We can't answer your question regarding DHEA except to say that neither the human growth hormone nor the Moringa will interfere with it.  Everyone responds to the HGH in varying degrees so we don't know how you'll respond to it.  You might try going off the DHEA to see if you are achieving the same results without it.  That has to be your decision.

We appreciate your business!

Why is there alcohol in your human growth hormone oral spray?

Somerset, KY

The FDA requires it as a preservative, giving it a five year shelf life.  Most companies use 30% alcohol but the FDA has permitted us to use only 20% alcohol.

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