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From ESPN.com:

The fact is a number of baseball players use HGH in their daily regimen. As long as one uses human growth hormone daily, the same amount at the same time, it virtually impossible to detect. As soon as the individual deviates from this exacting plan, is when it becomes detectable. That is precisely why there is concern among players. There are some awfully large, fast players in this league and while I am sure they are all gym rats, I think its obvious they are getting a little help from their "friends."

Your point is excellent. Also, "homeopathic" HGH, as opposed to injected human growth hormone, is much safer and gentler on the system with no side effects. It's as benign as coffee, aspirin, coca-cola, and chewing tobacco. Steroids are totally different and totally dangerous and it lowers the intelligence level of the conversation when steroids and HGH are lumped together.

I just don't get the whole human growth hormone controversy. I get the steroid issue. Steroids are an atomic bomb, HGH is a toy cap gun. Steroids are not natural, human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary. Why they are always lumped together is beyond me. HGH gains are limited and usually quite small. Steroid gains are grotesquely obvious and inherently dangerous. I think the NFL is sniffing up the wrong tree, especially since they will never be able to detect human growth hormone in a homeopathic oral spray form.

What is the FDA's stance on your particular product? Is it legal and is it FDA approved?

Also, is your HGH spray FREE OF GLUTEN? In other words, is there any gluten ingredients or possible cross contamination of gluten into your product?

Flanigan, IL

The FDA does not approve any one specific product. They allow all oral spray products that contain human growth hormone only in a "homeopathic" preparation, which ours is. For that reason our product is legal for over the counter sales. We've been doing it since the year 2000 and the lab that the oral spray comes out of is an FDA inspected facility. They do unannounced inspections several times per year and monitor our labels.

No gluten and no cross contamination of gluten. We appreciate your business!

Thank you so much for your help. I have one final question and I promise this is the last haha: If I were to take this product, how would it affect my testosterone, or body's normal output of testosterone?

Is it like steroids where your body stops making testosterone because it becomes dependent on the supplement?

Flanigan, IL

HGH is the primary hormone. It will normalize all your other hormones. If you are low on testosterone it's likely to increase. If not, not. Most people see an increase in libido. Whether that's due to more testosterone is not known.

When you stop taking the product everything will return to where you were prior to taking the product. HGH is nothing like steroids even though the two have been unfairly linked together. Steroids are an atomic bomb, unnatural and dangerous. Human growth hormone is a gentle tonic, more like a toy cap gun.

I'm into fitness and sports and looking to lift more and get stronger faster, how has your customer feedback faired towards results of people building muscle and strength?

Denham Springs, LA

We have a lot of body builders (and other athletes like baseball and football players) and those in fitness and sports who are on the sports product and love it.  They feel 10% stronger, last 10% longer, and recuperate 10% faster.  All that increases size and strength.

We appreciate your business!

I just found out, when I get home Tuesday at noon, I'm not into fitness and sports but I need to go for a random drug test for DOT.  Do I need to worry, or not?  I have been using your product for three months.


Groves, TX

Don't worry.  There is no test that can detect human growth hormone when using a homeopathic oral spray.

We appreciate your business!

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