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We encourage people to email us with questions because we know that the more they learn HGH facts the greater the chance that they will buy our oral spray. Most HGH reviews are bogus. The following four questions gets asked of us all the time:

1. "What kind of results can I expect from your spray as compared to Sytropin, GHR1000, or the other sprays? I don't trust HGH reviews."

The target of the other sprays is the pituitary.  The idea is to produce more hormone by tickling the pituitary and so they don't need to put any HGH in their product and they don't.  It works well for about a month and then the pituitary gets used to the tickle and stops producing the additional hormone. 

But it's not human growth hormone that gives you the invigoration properties. It triggers the liver to produce IGF-1. And it's IGF-1 that brings the invigoration properties. So the target of our oral spray is the liver.  It gets the liver to produce added IGF-1and that's why we need to put real ingredient in the product.  Our Advanced Formula also contains IGF-1 in the form of deer antler so it doesn't depend on just the production of it from the liver.  Our oral spray continues to work forever.  Sytropin users, who call and order from us all the time, find that it only works for 4-6 weeks. And by the way, you shouldn't trust hgh reviews.

2. "If I do like the results is it something I'll have to take everyday forever like Glucosamine?  Will  the two mix?"

Once you start taking it you won't want to stop.  Some people do stop because they are feeling so good that they figure they don't need it anymore.  Usually about 2 months later we get calls from them reordering with express shipping!  You can take anything, including Glucosamine, with our oral spray because it's homeopathic.

Many of our competitors are currently working the angle that there is no way the substance can be absorbed under the tongue.  There is some truth to that but they don't tell you the whole story.  Doctors trying to push injections take the same tact.  Here's the typical question and the real hgh facts:

3. "Doctors say that the only way to effectively absorb human growth hormone is to inject it.  Furthermore they also say that there is no scientific way to explain how the Mucus glands can absorb any form of the synthetically produced hormone."

99% of all allopathic doctors will tell you that ALL homeopathic remedies are worthless, discounting the fact that for over 150 years homeopathic remedies have been healing millions of people.

If you took undiluted, non-homeopathic human growth hormone, the kind that is prescribed and injected into the system, and dropped it under your tongue, the fact is it would not be absorbed under the tongue. But that ignores "homeopathic" in the phrase "homeopathic human growth hormone oral spray." The homeopathic dilution process plus the inclusion of alcohol in the oral spray breaks down the molecular structure of Human Growth Hormone so that 30X CAN enter the body through the oral mucosa. This is the only way that any company has found to effectively administer Human Growth Hormone sublingually.

Scientifically speaking, IGF-1 levels have been taken prior to and after using our oral spray and those levels rise from 60% to 80% of the same rise as those taking injections.  It's getting in there somehow! Don't believe reviews on the internet. They almost always push their own supplements.

4. "Is your product legal?"

The facts are that the FDA does not "approve" any single individual company or group of companies.  It does approve the product itself for over the counter sales.  It must be "homeopathic" and it must be described in dilution rates such as "30X."  It's illegal to prescribe the exact same product in "nanograms."  So far 4 companies who have sold oral sprays described in "nanograms" have been forced to refund money to every customer they sold to and a particular company was fined $20 million.

The FDA does its usual, unannounced, and rigorous inspections of our lab several times per year and monitors our labeling.  They require us to keep a minimum of two dozen samples of each batch made for seven years.  This completely eliminates frivolous lawsuits.  Any supplement that comes from a lab monitored by the FDA will have an expiration date and lot # stamped on every bottle.  If our product were illegal the FDA wouldn't allow it out the door!

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Growth Hormone Facts

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