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Describing HGH In "Nanograms" Is Illegal

The Nanograms Hoax

Any website touting "strength," "more potent," or "purer," is totally hyping you. These claims are very misleading and inappropriate for oral sprays for three reasons:

1) "More is better." No it's not! In homeopathy, it is well known that this is not the case. The effectiveness of homeopathic formulations in your body is not dependent upon how much of an active ingredient is present in a formula. The goal of each remedy is to include ingredients in the concentrations that will best stimulate your body. In many cases, the most effective concentrations to ignite your body's response is a higher dilution rate. Thus, the most effective dilution of a homeopathic preparation may be very dilute. In truth, "more is worse."

There is no such thing as a "purer," "stronger," "better," or "more potent" dosage. All of us legitimate companies use exactly the same dosage because that's the dosage that all the studies have shown to work the best in the human body. "More" doesn't work as well, and "less" doesn't work as well. Some companies may add a little bit of female-this or male-that, some add a bit of caffeine to make the consumer "feel a jolt," but all of this is just cute, little, extra sales techniques.

Bottom Line: When it comes to the safe, gentle, homeopathic oral spray, "Hgh 30X" is what we all sell. Find a company that sells it at a reasonable price, with a fast shipping department, and a full money back guarantee.

2) A Nanogram is 1 billionth of a gram. So the 100 to 1,000 nanograms of growth hormone claimed by various companies are, in fact, very close to nothing at all in terms of actual, non-homeopathic, content. As an example, Dr. Rudman, in his landmark study on human growth hormone in adults, administered doses of 2,750,000 nanograms per dose.

All homeopathic preparations are basically the same. In clinical studies, a dilution rate of 30X has been found to be the most effective recipe. At 30X, the growth hormone has been serially diluted 30 times.

3) It is ILLEGAL to sell non-homeopathic human growth hormone without a prescription. Non-homeopathic human growth hormone is a federally regulated drug and can not be sold over the counter. Any company claiming to sell hgh, described in "mgs," over the counter, without a prescription is breaking the law! The FDA has closed down many companies selling non-homeopathic human growth hormone. Our lab is FDA inspected and we are specifically told by FDA inspectors NOT to describe our HGH in "mgs." So we don't, and you'll find all legitimate companies will not either.

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