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6 Rules Protecting the HGH Consumer From Scams

How To Protect Yourself From HGH Marketers

If you follow the following tips you can work your way safely through the Human Growth Hormone industry. Good Luck!

  1. Search for ingredients. If they are non-existent or hidden the vendor probably doesn't want you to realize there is no human growth hormone in their product. These vendors market their products using the words: Releaser, Precursor, Secretagogues, and Stacked Aminos.

  2. Make sure the ingredients include "HGH." Some sprays are liquefied forms that contain no human growth hormone (see #1 above).

  3. Leave web sites as soon as you see the word "Nanogram." They are illegal human growth hormone operations.

  4. Companies using FDA inspected labs are another level of certainty and security.

  5. Look for a fast shipping department, a human growth hormone company that will fulfill (actually having your shipment in the mail) your order within 24-48 hours.

  6. All legitimate companies back their products with a full, money-back, no questions asked, guarantee.

I'm trying to figure out something about the IGF-1. IF, the presence of HGH is measured by IGF-1, couldn't one supplement with just the IGF-1?  I couldn't find a answer on your website that explains why the combination of both is more beneficial then just taking IGF-1? or even why the Advanced Formula is superior to just the Original Formula.   So, I guess I'm asking what are the direct benefits of the Advanced Formula as opposed to taking just the Original Formula?  Does that make sense?  

Best Regards, 

Asheville, NC

The key to any homeopathic product is getting your body to respond to the remedy.  The most potent form of IGF-1 is what is produced by your own body. 

Our oral spray does not rely on the stimulation of your pituitary to trigger greater production of HGH.  It triggers your liver to produce more IGF-1, the stuff that actually invigorates your body, by getting your body to act as if there is more hormone flowing through your system. 

The IGF-1 in our product is from natural Velvet Deer Antler.  You want your body to produce more IGF-1 because it thinks there is more HGH in your system and yet you don't want to rely on the liver to produce it all.  Our product provides a modest amount.  However, if you add too much IGF-1 it might trigger your liver to actually stop producing it.  You definitely don't want that.


I'm very interested in your 21st Century oral spray but am just wondering....do you charge state sales tax for on-line orders? And if so, in which states?


ever youthfully yours,

Punta Gorda, FL

We only pay sales tax in Georgia.

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