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Signs Of FDA Monitoring

How To Know For Certain If Any Over-The-Counter Supplement Is FDA Inspected

I've seen websites that proudly proclaim, "Our lab follows all the practices set forth by the FDA." But are they actually approved by the federal agency? No. Do they go through the rigorous unannounced inspections they require periodically? No. Do they contain a lot # and expiration date on each of their bottles? No. They just follow "all the practices set forth by the FDA," if you take their word for it.

But you can know for sure if an HGH supplement is coming out of a truly FDA inspected lab.They demand that all of it's monitored and inspected labs put a "lot #" and "exp date" stamped right on the bottle. This number and date will look slightly different than the rest of the labeling fonts since it is put on the label after the Human Growth Hormone oral spray is filled into the bottle.

They require that the shelf life of whatever you buy is right on the bottle. The lot # is the specific "batch" that was created at the manufacturing plant. Every time a batch of, say, 10,000 bottles of 21st Century HGH is made, 10-20 bottles of that specific batch are held back and stored for a period of 7 years. If anyone claims to get sick from the product and sues the manufacturer they can go back to that specific lot #, randomly select one of the bottles, and test the product. Since each bottle is sealed in a tamper proof wrap, the manufacturer and retailer are protected.

Both of these things, the lot # and the expiration date, are required by the federal agency. You'll see them at the drugstore on aspirin, eye drops, anything sold over-the-counter by an FDA inspected lab. Every new batch of our Human Growth Hormone contains a unique lot # and expiration date. So, if you want to know if an HGH Dealer is FDA inspected just ask them if a lot # and expiration date is printed on their label!

I bought HGH and was billed on my credit card as online-pharm-stores and have not received my shipment. It was ordered on 11/11.  I was told I would get an email when the HGH product was shipped, I have received no email or hgh  Can you shed some light on this. I do have a print out but there is no order number.  I was billed for $142.19.

We're not surprised.  That's not us and you landed on a terrible company.  If you had bought from us you would have gotten a superior product, a better price, an instant verification of your order by email, and we would have shipped the next day.  Please consider us for your next purchase!

As you can see from our order page at http://www.21stcenturyhgh.com/order-hgh-online.htm there is no product that costs $142.19 and the name that will appear on your credit card is "21st Century Designer Health Products."

Rather than spending a lot more time trying to chase down online-pharm-stores we advise that you simply dispute the charges with your credit card company.  That way you'll get an immediate refund and the vendor will have to chase you down to prove they shipped it and you received it.  We are sorry you had such a bad experience.  HGH is a great product!

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