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Problems With Paypal

PayPal (owned by eBay) - A Payment Platform For Thieves?

Although there are many legitimate businesses who use this service as a payment processing company, it's also particularly ideal for unscrupulous merchants. You can easily set up an account, receive payments in virtually every possible form, and when the scam goes down you are perfectly protected by PayPal's User Agreement. For these reasons I no longer deal with ANY vendor that uses this form of payment.

Here's what happened to me. I purchased marketing software for $149.00 and never received it. The seller did not respond to phone messages or e-mails. I disputed the charge and after a two week investigation they wrote, "Our investigation has determined that the seller is at fault, and as a result we have attempted to recover your funds. $13.42 has been credited to your account." Then they told me how much they appreciated my business and directed me through a link to "security tips" that would help me avoid losing $135.58 again in the future. Wasn't that nice of them?

When I responded to the great news that they were able to recover $13.42 of the $149.00 "Ruth" (don't you just love it when you get first names only!) at Executive Escalations wrote back giving me the link to report the Seller to the FBI (proving their internal policy is not to report any of their thieving merchants on their own). She also gave me a link to their User Agreement, https://www.paypal.com/bcp, and repeated the mantra, "However, please understand that, as outlined in our User Agreement, our company does not guarantee recovery of disputed funds."

I used Discover Card to make the purchase and their dispute department was quite at the ready to inform me that PayPal's User Agreement protects Discover Card and PayPal quite completely. I cancelled both accounts because this is exactly what gives internet merchandising a bad name. If the payment processors that facilitate business on the internet protect themselves first and the consumer last, then they are killing the goose that is laying the golden egg. Consumers, through time, will gravitate to those payment processors that protect the consumer first. That's why at 21st Century HGH we don't accept this form of payment.

There are many websites that deal with how PayPal is mucking up the online merchandising industry. Horror stories abound at: http://paypalsuit.com. Another informative site is: http://www.paypalsucks.com. Paypalwarning.com states, "WARNING: Your account can be frozen at any time, without advance notice leaving you without your money for weeks (if not forever), and there isn't much you can do about it. This company is currently being investigated by regulatory authorities in three states!" Caveat Emptor! Buyer Beware!

I was wondering what is  your source of HGH? Isn't HGH illegal? My next questions is why not just take IGF1 velvet deer antler from a pill like I see from fairly reputable vitamin companies online?

I was wondering what is  your source of hgh?

All hgh today is synthetically produced in the lab.

Isn't human growth hormone illegal? 

Drug companies and doctors want you to believe that human growth hormone is illegal.  If you want to inject hgh you have to get a doctor's prescription for it.  Our homeopathic hgh oral spray is allowed for over the counter sales without a prescription.  It's not illegal in this fashion.  There is no test to detect hgh so some sports like baseball have "rules" against using it.  That's a farce though because we have many athletes who purchase from us. 

My next questions is why not just take IGF1 velvet deer antler from a pill like I see from fairly reputable vitamin companies online?

It is possible to get deer antler in a pill form but it's impossible to get hgh in a pill form.  To take one without the other is not a good idea.  We've had bodybuilders test all different combinations.  They like ours the best.  We have just the right mixture to get your body to perform without taxing your internal systems.

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