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More Unsolicited HGH Testimonials

You might notice a lack of testimonials on this website because, frankly, we don't believe most of the ones we read on the internet, not just involving human growth hormone but all products in all industries. On occasion we get phone calls from people asking us why we don't have testimonials and we give them this reason.

Having said all that, the following is an unsolicited HGH testimonial that came to us on August 8, 2007. It's real, but you can believe it or not.

Hi 21st Century,

30 days into your product, and can report the following:

"61 year old active male, who selected your human growth hormone, 21st Century Advanced Formula, after extensive web research and email feedback, who's on a successful, prescription, anti-cholesterol medication program, that formally had a side effect of significant muscle soreness. 30 days into your program, I can report:

1) muscle soreness has now dissipated.

2) Body fat is down.

3) energy level is up, including libido.

4) Age spots on arms and hands have disappeared.

5) Active, serious bowler, whose flexibility is improving daily - with subsequent rise in bowling average.

6) As expected, the product also keeps spirits / attitude / mood at an elevated level with subsequent higher enjoyment of daily activities.

I am a former long term user of GHR-15, and it's enhancements through Gold & Platinum levels, that only produced nominal effects (elevated mood ).

Hence, I'm pleasantly surprised with these results. I'll report further after the first 90 days are completed."

San Jose, CA


I have been using your human growth hormone for about a year now and I will not stop buying it. I have had medical problems for a long time and while I'm still going to doctors to fill my prescriptions for some medicines that I do need, I take your oral spray as a supplement.

Since I began using your oral spray, I have lost 60 pounds and my doctor is amazed that I have kept it off. The HGH makes it easy. This does work!!! Period.

Monterey Park, CA

My question is will your oral spray help me to notice better results in size with my muscles and recovery?

You'll feel 10% stronger, last 10% longer, and recuperate 10% faster so your workouts will be more productive towards the size of your muscles. We have a lot of body builders who take the product because it develops more lean muscle mass giving them that "ripped" look.

Will it be ok to take with my other supplements?


And lastly is it safe to take at my age of 24? I noticed that this spray is good for those who are of an older age, but I'm only 24 and my main concern is muscle gain so I want to know if your oral spray will help me notice some good gain.

We have a lot of collegiate and pro athletes of all ages and all sports who take our human growth hormone.

We appreciate your business!

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