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Unsolicited HGH Testimonials

You might notice a lack of testimonials on this website because, frankly, we don't believe most of the ones we read on the internet, not just involving human growth hormone but all products in all industries. On occasion we get phone calls from people asking us why we don't have testimonials and we give them this reason.

Having said all that, the following came to us on August 8, 2007. It's real, but you can believe it or not.

Sent: Saturday, November 07, 2009 7:47 PM
Subject: HGH User - A Testimonial

Greetings to you;

My name is Robbin Wilson. I just finished my first bottle of 21st Century HGH.

I wanted to email to say how much better I feel! I am a 49 year old woman. About 5 years ago I began to have episodes of sickness-migraines, extreme fatigue, foggy headedness, depression, body aches, extreme trouble thinking, and more. I really can't describe my worst symptoms accurately. I couldn't go to work during these times. I told my doctor, and this is the gospel truth, that "I'd rather be dead than feel like I was feeling". My doctor diagnosed "extreme perimenopausal symptoms". These episodes became more frequent over time and also I was always so tired, gaining weight, irritable, lethargic, overwhelmed by the simplest everyday responsibilities-forget taking on anything new! I also had pain in my right ovary due to cysts.

Then I tried this product. After 30 days, my daughter tells me that I am like my old self. I have lots of energy. Today I walked at the zoo and park for more than 6 hours and even ran part of it and was not winded. I can tell that my body is utilizing fuel. No more headaches, much less ovary pain, I sleep better, I wake up better-no more needing 2 hours to wake up. no more symptoms.

I have a strong sense of well being, I am not depressed, I am "sunshiny" and optimistic, my muscle tone is better, my skin is better, I have maintained my 21 pound recent weight loss, (started in August) no more bloating, water retention!!! No more debilitating fatigue.

I never want to be without this product! EVER. Only real human growth hormone.

I am ordering more now.

Kindly and sincerely,

Robbin Wilson

I cannot tell you how much 21 st Century HGH has helped me as I'm an aging ex competitive athlete.

I discovered your HGH over 6 years ago after a few months of research started taking the oral spray. While I've been taking supplements and herbs since I was 15 I felt that at the ripe old age of 59 I needed to supplement with a daily dose of natural HGH. During that time I was running over 60 miles a week, swimming 15,000 + yards and 50-75 miles of biking.

When I was 62 I herniated a disc in my lower back and pulled way back on my running. Now at almost 65 I'm in the pool everyday and workout with light weights 4 times a week. I attribute my muscle tone, recovery and cardio to all my supplements BUT the most important one is that 7-9 sprays under the tongue each and every day of 21st Century HGH.

Thanks for a wonderful and beneficial product.

David Klein
age 65
Cardiff, CA

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