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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week August '09

Question of the Week 8-10-09

Isn't human growth hormone illegal? Could I get an explanation of how human growth hormone is an ingredient in your product as well?

Houston, TX

Yes it is illegal, unless you have a doctor's prescription. Then it's legal.

However, the FDA allows homeopathic HGH oral sprays for over the counter sales without a doctor's prescription only if the product is "homeopathic." These homeopathic oral sprays contain real pharmaceutical substance, the same HGH used in injections. The oral sprays achieve 60%-80% of the same results as the injections. So although it's not as potent, it's also not nearly as expensive and it doesn't involve the use of needles.

For a better understanding of why the FDA allows homeopathic oral spays do some research on "homeopathy" which has been around for about two hundred years.

We appreciate your business!

Question of the Week 8-29-09

I am interested in purchasing your human growth hormone oral spray but I would like to know what the difference is between the Original and Advanced Formulas and what the difference is in effects?

Livingston, NJ

Both work well. It's not HGH that gives you the invigoration effects. It's IGF-1 produced in the liver triggered by HGH in your system is what gives you the youthful benefits. Our Advanced Formula contains Deer Antler which closely mimics IGF-1. So not only do you get increased HGH into your system but also the Advanced Formula actually puts IGF-1 into your system so that your body is not dependent on producing it in the liver.

About 90% of our regular users buy the Advanced and 100% of the athletes. They tell us that generally the its 10%-20% stronger than the Original. About 10% of our customers use the Original because they feel no appreciable difference between the two. If cost is not an issue you should buy the Advanced Formula. If it is, the Regular Formula works just fine.

We appreciate your business!

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