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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week December '09

Question of the Week 12-23-09

BestHGHsupplements.net made the following claim about your product:

"One of the many oral sprays claiming to provide you with a significant stimulating effect, 21st Century also claims to use real HGH or a synthetic substance known as sytotropin. This is your first red flag. The synthetic substance is not legal, the FDA banned it except for use in treating conditions like multiple sclerosis. We are truly at a loss for words considering such blatant disregard."

What is your response to this? Thank you.

Minneapolis, MN

We are happy to respond as there are so many companies that put out this half truth that we are constantly fighting to keep it from becoming a whole truth. The quote you provided tops our list of the most ignorant we've seen on the internet. First of all, there is no such word as "sytotropin." There is "somatotropin" and "somatotrophin" but not "sytotropin." Secondly, the FDA has not approved the use of human growth hormone for "conditions like multiple sclerosis." The only condition the FDA has approved its use is for dwarfism.

Now as to the veracity of their claim that "Synthetic HGH is not legal." First of all, ALL HGH is "synthetic." Use of HGH derived from cadavers was outlawed over 30 years ago. The synthetic substance, made by major companies such as Genentech and Elly Lily, is completely and totally legal to be dispensed by a physician, with a prescription, for injection. It has also been allowed by the FDA for over the counter sales, without prescription, ONLY IN A HOMEOPATHIC FORM. This is the other half of the truth that many companies are either ignorant of or knowingly keep from telling you.

The lab that makes 21st Century is FDA inspected. Nothing goes in or out of that lab without the FDA knowing it. They do numerous unannounced inspections of our lab several times per year (it's a real pain!). They monitor every word that's on our label. If our product were illegal our lab would be shut down in a NY minute!

Be careful what you read on the internet. We appreciate your business!

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