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Human Growth Hormone Question Of The Week July '09

Question of the Week 7-06-09

I have been a regular customer for over a year. My circumstances are such that it is better for me to buy your product by mail. I started out mailing to you in NY, then had the mail come back around Christmas (instead of being forwarded) when you moved to Florida. I was without the oral spray for two weeks or more.

I sent you another check a week ago and began to worry. So I checked the website and sure enough, you’ve moved again! Is my check coming back to me or being forwarded? I have not been in good health in the last couple of years and every time I am without the HGH for a period of time my symptoms worsen.

Could you check your records and see if the order has arrived? I am very upset about this! Thank you.

Oxford, NC

We don't do much mail order business but every order is important to us. We spent 12 years in northern California and moved to our new permanent address in Florida. We spend 7 months a year there. We move our operations 5 months of the year to NY where we are now.

We do have mail forwarded to us. We have not yet received your order. We trust that you sent it and will ship it today. You've been buying 3 bottles of our Advanced Formula HGH, so we assume that's what you want. Let us know if that's not correct.

You won't deal with a company that has better customer service than we provide. You were right to email (or call) as soon as you did. It will probably take another week for your check to arrive. If for some reason it is returned to you we would appreciate it if you would let us know so that you could send it directly to us in NY.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate your business!

Thanks for your help and quick reply. Hopefully you’ll get my money soon. Am looking forward to receiving your product---it helps me so much.

Anniston, AL

Question of the Week 7-20-09

Can I get the dealer price on the HGH if I want to buy 12 bottles even if I’m not a dealer? If not, what do I need to do to become a dealer?

Del and Debbie
Newport, RI

There is no special application to become an HGH dealer. Most dealers buy a dozen at a time and charge whatever retail price they want. Some people who aren't dealers, like husbands and wives, buy a dozen as a six month supply for both of them. Just order online by clicking on the red "Order Now" button at the top left side of this homepage.

Please know, however, that if you buy as a dealer the 90 day guarantee is not valid. If you've used the HGH product and like it, this is not a problem. If you haven't used our HGH before we recommend that you buy a single bottle or the 3 bottle special so that the 90 day guarantee still applies. Once you know the product is for you, then buy at the dealer price. The product has a 5 year shelf life.

We appreciate your business!

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