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Human Growth Hormone Question Of The Week May '09

Question of the Week 5-26-09

I am 36 year old former androstendione user and amateur bodybuilder, I have started working out recently after about 8 yrs. I was wondering if your HGH product was safe for me to take to give me a little edge, I definitely don't want to "roid out" but would like something that would make me work out as hard as I used to without the side effects. I eat healthy and would like to be in better physical condition.

Chicago, IL

We have a lot of body builders who use the Advanced Formula human growth hormone. It gives them 20% more strength, 20% more endurance, and 20% quicker recuperation. You'll also find you'll sleep better, your digestion will be better, libido higher, etc. HGH is not a steroid. Our product is extremely safe because it's homeopathic.

We appreciate your business!

Question of the Week 5-11-09

Received my HGH oral spray today. Thanks. When you apply the spray under your tongue, are you supposed to keep it in your mouth and avoid swallowing? Or does it not really matter? Should you hold your tongue up? Is there any proper way to apply the spray?

Tulsa, OK

Lift your tongue, spray twice. Put your tongue down, close your mouth, hold the liquid under your tongue for 10-15 seconds before swallowing. Best time is right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up.

Is two sprays 3x/day what most people take? Is it possible to increase the amount you take? What are the benefits and risks of spraying more often? Say, 3 sprays/3x day, or 4 sprays/3x day?

Tulsa, OK

Yes 3x/day is what most people take. After 3 months you can reduce the dosage down to 2x/day. It will last longer without losing any effects. By increasing the amount you take you will be wasting it. The way homeopathy works, your body will only accept so much and then pass the rest out. There are no risks and no benefits of spraying more often.

We appreciate your business!

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your fast, professional responses.

Tulsa, OK

Question of the Week 4-27-09

If there is a recurring charge for extra shipments charged to my Visa, I want to cancel immediately. I wasn't aware that there was (if there is), so please send confirmation that no more charges will be made to my account. When and if I reorder HGH it will be as before, 3 bottles at a time.


Rockmart, GA

We have no autoship program and we hate MLM. There will be no recurring charges to your Visa for additional shipments. We only charge and ship when a customer places an order.

We appreciate your business!

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