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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week November '09

Question of the Week 11-23-09


Regarding your 21st Century HGH: YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL PRODUCT !

I plan on starting a mail order business soon that will carry a variety of unique and high quality products. I noticed that you do not ship to the Middle East? Are there import laws involving HGH that make it difficult to import and export, or do other reasons exist? If HGH import and export was legal and feasible would you have a problem with someone buying your HGH product in the US and exporting it to the Middle East? I was thinking in quantities of 100 or even less to begin with.

My wife is from Lebanon and I shipped her gifts many times, prior to bringing her to the United States. There is a considerable import tax paid by the recipient but other than that we had no problems. (Nothing ever lost, confiscated or stolen). I don't know their import laws, however my wife could do some checking on this and possibly get that information.

Please let me know your views on this matter. Thanks,

Montclair NJ

Other reasons exist. When we first started our business, over ten years ago, we had a lot of trouble with orders coming from the middle east in terms of the use of stolen credit cards. In addition shipping was also very spotty with some orders being lost in the mail or stolen after delivery. Usually USPS International Express is very reliable but to the middle east it became untenable. The risk reward ratio became impossible to manage.

If you wish to order in quantity with a credit card whose name, address, and contact numbers in the US we can verify we would be more than happy to ship it to you stateside. What you do with the product after you receive it is your business.

We believe that if you provide it to people in the middle east it will probably go over quite well. Several years back we did have the "nutritionist" of an "Arabian princess" purchase a large quantity. Upon request she provided a stateside delivery address.

We appreciate your business!

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