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Growth Hormone Question Of The Week October '09

Question of the Week 10-23-09

I'm very nervous about ordering anything over the internet. It's not just identity theft which is big but also numerous solicitations I seem to receive after an online purchase. Mostly it's emails but sometimes it's also regular mail and even phone calls. What exactly do you do with my information after I make a purchase?

Washington, D.C. 

21st Century HGH takes your privacy very seriously.  The only information we collect is to process your current order.  All information is confidential and will always remain so.

We will never share, sell, or exchange your personal information with anyone.  We do not harvest or sell email addresses.  We do not use “cookies”.  You will not receive unsolicited correspondence from us.  Our shopping cart uses 128 bit SSL encryption. The credit card gateway is secured through rigorous compliance of securitymetrics. If you aren't secure here, you're secure nowhere!

We appreciate your business!

Question of the Week 10-09-09

Why do all HGH Review sites say your product stinks?

Austin, TX

It's no coincidence that all these "HGH Review" websites all recommend the same 3 products. Our competition is very adept at getting websites ranking very high in Google searches, 6 in the top 10. We take it as a complement that our competition hit us so hard because that reflects how good our product really is, especially in relation to theirs. If it really did "stink" our competition wouldn't bother even mentioning us!

We've yet to see a truly independent analysis of all HGH products because there is no financial motivation to do one and blood test costs to get accurate results is very expensive. So most review websites are fabrications of results or results written by vendors themselves. A true comparison with all products and a complete test population we've calculated would cost over a million dollars.

So be careful with all review sites. They usually purport to tell you "truth" or give you "facts" or protect you from "scams." Do your own research and call or email vendors with questions. If you can't find contact information or get no responses to phone calls or emails, RUN! There are legitimate dealers out there who conduct business in a professional manner. You will find them.

We appreciate your business!

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