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Research Information - Videos, Books, And Tapes

1. Two, excellent and informative, five minute, HGH Videos.

The following is a list of excellent publications to help in exploring more HGH specific information. To buy a publication simply click on the name to order.

  1. Grow Young with HGH: Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging by Ronald Klatz (Author); Paperback.

  2. Stopping the Clock: Longevity for the New Millennium by Ronald Klatz, Bob Goldman (Paperback).

  3. ABC's of Hormones by Jack Challem (Paperback).

  4. Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH by Dr. H.A. Davis (Paperback).

  5. HGH: Age-Reversing Miracle by Rita Elkins, Woodland Publishing (Paperback).

  6. Resetting the Clock: 5 Anti-Aging Hormones That Are Revolutionizing the Quality and Length of Life. Elmer Cranton, M.D, M. Evans and Co.

  7. Practical Bone Growth - James W. Pritchett, M.D. This manual contains useful information about the topic from infancy through old age. The object of the manual is to present - in understandable terms - bone changes that occur throughout life. Chapters on assessment, diagnosis, and testing lay a strong foundation for recognizing and predicting normal and abnormal bone growth. Dr. Pritchett is an internationally published researcher on prediction, bone lengthening and the use of human growth hormone: $21.95. (800) 451-6434.

  8. Good Food - Human Growth Foundation. A collection of treasured family recipes, contributed by HGF members and friends: $9.95. (800) 451-6434.

Audio Cassettes:

1. Grow Young with Hgh by Ronald Klatz (Author), Tsoutsouvas Sam (Reader).

Dear Customer Service

I just ordered a 3 pack of your advanced spray.  I'm a 30 year old former competitive athlete with various overuse injuries, sprains, etc, and I'm excited about seeing results.  My question is about Maximum Result HGH.  Their website was convincing and so were their testimonials.  Would you say they were in the "1 month of effectiveness" category?   

Delano, CA

Yes.  Our "testimonial" would be that we get about 2 of their customers per month switching over to our product.  Enjoy!

We appreciate your business!

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