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Can someone consume to much HGH? Are there any side effects? Is it a steroid?

Shrievesport, LA

We can't speak for injectible HGH so our following comments only relate to homeopathic oral sprays.  If you over dose, take more than the recommended dosage, nothing will happen.  Your body will only accept what it will accept.  The rest will pass through you so it's a waste to take more than what's recommended.  It will take about a month for your body to become fully saturated, no matter how much HGH oral spray you take. 

We know of no negatives using homeopathic oral spray.

We appreciate your business!

Dear Customer Service:

I've recently joined the military and will be shipping to Basic Training in 6 weeks.  I'm interested in using your product to help me prepare for my physical fitness tests in conjunction with my training program.  My question is I will be drug tested at least 6 times while I'm at Basic.  Will this product show up and if so, will it cause me to be disqualified from the military?  Thanks!

Ft. Hood, TX

There is currently no test that will show abnormal amounts of the substance mostly because it's a homeopathic product.  You are safe.  In addition, we would be surprised to know that HGH is a banned substance by the US Military.

We appreciate your business!

Hi there.

I came across your product today and it sounded interesting. As a mid 40's male I'm in excellent health with no issues (thankfully!). I wanted to tone up a little and possibly build a little muscle mass. I have no intentions of 'really bulking up' or doing any competitions, i just want a little more than wht I have now. Would your product work for something like what I'm after?

Also, what kind of guarantees are there that your product REALLY does contain hgh? I can print out a label and put it on a bottle of water but that doesnt make it so. Just asking, because I want to be sure of what i'm getting.

Thanks for your time!

Johnson City, NY

Everybody responds to the product differently so its hard to know exactly how it will affect you. There is one consistent thing that everybody says: They usually buy it for one specific reason and after a month realize that it is helping them in 6, 8, 10 other areas.

We've been selling HGH for over 12 years, currently over 200 orders per month. Our lab is FDA inspected. You'll know this because of the lot # and expiration date placed on each bottle. The FDA monitors our label. We can't put "Somatropin (HGH) 30X" on our label if it didn't contain real HGH. It's a violation of Federal Law and they'd come after us to shut us down (about 5 years ago they shut down over 30 vendors making unsupported claims). That's why it's important to read ingredients because there are quite a few vendors selling "HGH Releasers" or "HGH Precursors" that contain absolutely no HGH.

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