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Metabolic Effects of HGH Part 4

HGH Conclusions

The homeopathic formulation of human growth hormone (HGH) administered orally significantly increases plasmatic levels of Somatomedin-C, increases glycemia, reduces excess body fat, and does not provoke any alterations in the remaining blood chemistry, lipids profile and functional hepatic tests.

In the aging process multiple factors intervene; therefore, there are various hypotheses that exist that try to explain the causes of senescence. Among the possible factors, we could mention genetic mutations provoked by environmental radiation.' Proteins containing errors appear and these proteins are involved in the regulation of genetic material or protein synthesis resulting in a magnification of the original error. With respect to this, though, there is little experimental evidence that shows an increase in the frequency of errors in old cells. HGH is one hypotheses.

The elevated levels of glucose in advanced age can also lead to an increase of glycosylated proteins. For example, the glycosylation of lipoproteins can make them adhere to proteins in the arterial walls resulting in atherosclerosis, an almost universal pathological concomitant of old age. HGH may aid in atherosclerosis.

There is another group of factors involved in the development of old age which suggests that the alterations in the endocrine and immunological systems that present themselves in growing old, can lead to the deterioration of the organism and to senescence. The neuroendocrine hypothesis of old age suggests that a central pacemaker results in organic endocrine failure, leading to the aging process and lack of HGH. The finding that the age of menopause predicts the age of death supports this hypothesis.

On the other hand, it has been suggested that multiple alterations in the immunological system related to age accelerate the aging process. Some of these alterations in immunity, the decrease in HGH, lead to autoimmune endocrine glandular failure. It has been suggested that these changes in immunity, which appear with aging, are related to the genes in the principal complex of histocompatability.s Congenic animals, differing only in the principal locus of histocompatability, have different life spans. This locus also regulates the enzyme superoxide dismutase and, therefore, links the immunological hypothesis to the hypothesis of free radicals to try to explain the process of aging.

In addition, the production of interleukin-a hormone accelerates senescence in cellular systems. The life span of the majority of species is inversely proportional to its metabolic grade. Cellular metabolism results in the formation of free radicals. The activity of superoxide dismutase is correlated with life span, and dietary restrictions that reduce the quantity of free radicals result in a longer life and increase in HGH.

On the other hand, when RNA originating from senescent cells is injected into young cells, growth inhibition is produced. Based on what has been described, it is believed that the regulation of aging is a complex process that involves genetic as well as environmental components. It seems that diverse aspects of aging are regulated by different hormone processes. Alterations in the endocrine system appearing in old age seem to play a crucial role in the aging process of different organs. Even though hormonal changes associated with aging are many, special attention has been placed on the modifications that arise from the release of human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor I, or Somatomedin-C (IGF-I).

Continued Part 5: Human Growth Hormone Levels

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