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Designer Nutritional Products For Discriminating People

We at 21st Century Designer Nutritional Products are dedicated to finding and recommending the most scientifically advanced nutritional supplements. We use the word "designer" because there is such a confusing matrix of nutritional supplements on the market today that the consumer can go nuts! It's almost as if the more you try to learn, the more befuddled you get! We sell the finest supplements money can buy!


The only plant on the planet that goes to wherever you are nutritionally deficient. We get more reorders on this product than anything else we've ever sold. Health Food stores and vitamin shops won't carry it because people who take it stop buying all their other supplements! Fibromyalgia sufferers swear by this product but it's a great antioxident for anyone: kids, adults, seniors. Clears acne in 3 days, a hangover in 1 hour. Students use it to stay up late to study and again right before exams to stay mentally alert. The energy you get does not come from sugar or caffeine so there are no ups and downs. Limit colds and flu. All natural in an all vegetarian capsule. So, you want to be an energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going? This is it! Click here to purchase.

Aloe Vera

In the case of Aloe Vera we have researched all ingestible forms of the product: juice, drinks, gels, pills, and soluble freeze dried. We unequivocally know that freeze dried Aloe Vera is, by far, the superior form to ingest for maximum healing benefits. Our further research has found that 1st Aloe Vera is one of only two supplements in the entire Aloe Vera industry that is so far scientifically advanced than the others that the healing benefits far out weigh any cost considerations. You can buy this supplement by clicking here.

Drinking Water

The same is true with bottled water. Which is the best? You can argue the pluses and minuses of hundreds of products: spring, bottled, filtered, tap, etc. But there is only one product on the planet today that turns all clean water into the closest replication of the finest water on Earth: that of glacial run off high in the Himalayas of Hunza Land and sacred Native American artesian springs in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. That product is Spring Water Supreme.

Spring Water Supreme is very affordable at less than $.88 per gallon. By simply adding a tablespoon of this additive to the cheapest "bottled spring water" from your local grocer you've transformed it into the finest water available anywhere! Use it to cook and add it to all your drinks. Your body will feel and know the difference. It is also used in a concentrated form by many dieters to ward off food cravings. It's available for sale on-line by clicking here.


Coral Calcium is another nutritional supplement that is "primary" in nature. By primary we mean that Aloe Vera works on the entire immune system, water works in every cell of your body, and calcium affects the pH in every cell of your system. People look to calcium because if your system is acidic it won't matter what nutritional supplements you take for healing benefits because none of them will work in that environment! In order to bring your body's pH out of disease inducing acidosis into disease free alkalinity many people are choosing to use calcium. This is a very wise choice except that if you use generic calcium that you can purchase anywhere for $3 per bottle you will not only fail to raise your pH but it will give you a nice case of diarrhea!

Above sea level Coral Calcium is the oldest and most concentrated form (below sea level Coral Calcium in unavoidably diluted with sand!). If you are looking to raise your pH you can purchase the supplement on-line by clicking here.

Our Goal

21st Century Designer Nutritional Products is dedicated to bringing the consumer the finest, leading edge, scientifically proven, nutritional supplement recommendations available. You can spend hours and hours doing your own research if you like but we know you'll come to the same conclusions we have. Whichever vendor you eventually use we hope you get the result you are looking for. Nothing is more important than good health. Enjoy Life!

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